Friday Favorites – BRB, playing with lasers!

Hey friends!

Sorry I’ve been so MIA this week! You know the scene in the movie where the little girl yells “we bought a zoo!” well that’s how I feel about our laser! It arrived late Tuesday night and we had training on Wednesday. We’ve been playing with it and learning the tricks, but we have a long way to go!

This mug accurately describes my life this week.

Here are a few of the things we’ve done so far in the laser…

I can’t wait to start offering personalized iPad stands and business card holders in Brandon’s etsy shop!

And we will be offering customized bottle openers as well!

We did sneak out last night for a date night at Perennial. Since it’s St. Louis Craft Beer week all the bars and breweries are having lots of fun events! Perennial was doing a release of a beer and we lucked out with a secret Side Project release as well! Beer secrets are the best secrets! :) And pretzels are ALWAYS the best!

So I will probably be lightly posting the next few weeks as we are getting lots of stuff done with the laser and basement remodel before BTR starts school again! Please stay in touch on Instagram and Facebook though!


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  • Well I think hubs may need one of those biz card holders for work. He’d love it!
    Every time you’ve posted about the laser, I immediately think of Austin Powers. Lol

  • I am loving all that you and BTR are doing with his wood products, I can’t wait to see more! Now I’m craving a craft beer though! :) Xo, Stephanie

    • Thanks Stephanie! Now go get a cold beer, it’s definitely 5 o’clock somewhere!

  • Sara McCarty

    We bought a laser!!!! I love it! And look at all the cool stuff you’ve already done! I may need to hire you guys to engrave some stuff for us. That’s amazing!

  • Sara McCarty

    Oh, this reminds me of my wedding invitations. Do you remember those? I had them engraved on wood. Sounds like the perfect collaboration for you and BTR – invites, wood and lasers!

    • Okay how did I never know you had wooden wedding invitations?!?!?! I die. And then I literally searched your blog for them and fell in love, swoon!

  • Lisa McDermott

    Just stumbled across your blog and omg the things you can do with the lazer are so cool!! I will have to <3 the etsy shop!!