Day In The Life – July 2015

I’m so exited to share my second day in the life post with you all. This is a suuuuuper long post just to forewarn you! I had so much fun taking notes and pictures all day, I hope you enjoy it. Okay here we go!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015
Brandon – 30 years old
Liz – 29 years old
Jude – 1 year, 3 months old
Ellie – 8 years old
Addie – 4 years old

6:45 am – my Fitbit alarm goes off and I check the monitor, Jude’s still sleeping so I go back to sleep. BTR went to the gym so Ellie snuggles in bed with me. Remember I’m doing a DITL post and take a screen shot of my phone.

I hear crying and check monitor but then he falls right back asleep.

Not sure what time BTR actually got up, but he was working in the garage before he went to the gym sanding some cutting boards.

BTR gets home from the gym (LOVE him being home for the summer!) and I’m checking work emails on my phone in bed. Horrible habit, but whatever. It’s raining and I would really love to just stay in bed all day. I think it rained last time I did my DITL. Story time in the park is already cancelled because of the rain, saw the announcement on Facebook last night.

Check my Wunderlist app and take another screenshot – 7:45 am.

8:00 am – Get up and make my breakfast, toast and a glass of milk. Add milk to grocery list.

Jude has been sleeping in occasionally and apparently today is one of those days. He wakes up around 8:20 and we both go in to get him, as well as Addie. Change Jude into clothes for the day. The only way to survive diaper changes these days is with a go-go smart wheels car. Put door bumper on his door so he can go in and out without locking himself in. He’s obsessed with buttons and turns his sound machine on and off. Repeatedly…

BTR sits with Jude on the couch and I decide today is the day we start trying milk in a sippy cup instead of a bottle.

Give Jude his sippy and he’s not a fan. I now remember these cups were harder to suck out of so I switch his milk to a Contigo and make his breakfast, sausage and a banana.

While he eats I put away clean dishes and other things around the kitchen. He’s done so I clean him up and push the high chair away. Try to get him to drink more milk out of Contigo, still not a fan.

8:58 am – Finally make my coffee and sit down on the couch. Jude plays and I turn on the Today show.

BTR gets a call from the laser company and he goes in the other room to talk. They are talking about STL on the Today show and Ellie Kemper is helping to host. Feed Addie breakfast and give her the antibiotics for her ear infection. Let her outside.

BTR freaks because he see Addie OUTSIDE our fence. Ameren checked our meter yesterday and apparently didn’t shut the gate. NOT COOL AMEREN. BTR runs outside with treats and she comes back right away. BTR gives Addie her ear drops.

9:26 am – Finally take a drink of my coffee…

BTR and Jude leave to run errands at 9:55 am and I finish my coffee and head to basement to work. Answer emails, ship some web orders, ship some eBay orders. Get tracking for a HUGE order coming on Friday. 76 pounds of Frozen.

10:36 am – Head upstairs and put packages on the front porch, not a lot today.

Go into my office and check emails, also known as skimming Facebook.

Open up design file for a baby announcement I’m working on for our best friends. They are coming over for dinner tonight and can’t wait to show her! It matches the baby shower invites I designed.

10:49 am – BTR texts that he is on his way home and asks me to get Jude’s milk ready.

I get his bottle and room ready and BTR gets home. I rock Jude in his room and read my She Reads Truth bible study for the day. Jude finishes bottle and I put him in his crib.

11:00 am – Close his door and go to kitchen to wash a few dishes and then get back to work on computer.

Suddenly realize it’s 11:55 am and I don’t know where the time has gone. BTR vacuumed the kitchen and carpet and I finished designing and working on double product launch for Memory Miser tomorrow. Finish announcement proof and email to Cassie.

12:42 pm – Start my lunch, can’t believe Jude is still sleeping. Check my Fitbit steps, not moving at all today! Eat a cheese roll up and chips and salsa – tried Greek yogurt instead of sour cream and it was actually pretty good.

1:20 pm – Jude finally rolled around so I went in and woke him up for lunch. Feed Jude lunch while BTR does some work in the basement. Get Jude cleaned up from lunch and we get ready to leave.

2:02 pm – Drive to Gateway Classic Cars. We always drive by it and thought it would be fun to go to since it’s been rainy and we need to get out of the house. Discuss lasers on the way there.

It costs $3 a person to go through the car place (Jude was free), which isn’t too bad. Might be fun to go back to when Jude is older and thinks cars are more fun. BTR and I have fun looking at old Mustangs.

Leave car place and head to Aldis and Schnucks to pick up groceries and more supplies for dinner tonight. Hand Jude the butter in Schnucks and snap this photo and am DYING because I love it so much.

Also snap this one of Jude and BTR. Apparently Jude really likes butter? Me too buddy…

Get home and put groceries away. Make Jude a little bottle and get him ready for a nap.

4:13 pm – Jude is alseep.

Not sure when we transitioned back into 2 naps, but it’s working well for him and he sleeps pretty hard both naps. Sometimes in the afternoon he just rolls and jabbers, but I think teeth have been hurting him and he had been sleeping more lately.

Go into our room and get ready to take a quick shower. Notice my gel manicure is on it’s last leg and make BTR take a picture of my nails. He rolls his eyes at me

Get out of shower and go into kitchen and grab a handful of trail mix.

BTR is outside picking tomatoes and checking the rest of the garden.

5:27 pm – I blow dry my hair.

5:37 – Head to kitchen and start mac and cheese from scratch. Never done this before and hope it works out! It seemed like a lot of steps, but wasn’t really that bad! Hopefully it tastes good and I will make it again!

Can’t remember what time, but I got my STEP GOAL while making the mac and cheese!

6:15 pm – Got Jude up from his second nap.

It is POURING outside and BTR has to grill the meat. He pulls the umbrella over the grill.

BTR Instagrams a photo of his beer and the umbrella and grill

Jude is not happy he can’t go outside with BTR and he pounds on the window and screams the entire time. Total mess.

I put some tomatoes from the garden on skewers for BTR to throw on the grill. BTR finally just takes Jude outside with him.

6:30 pm – Sean, Cassie, and Maggie arrive. I put panko on the mac and cheese and throw it in the oven. This is where I pretty much stop taking photos till the end of the night. Too much fun with friends!

We have dinner – grilled wings with BBQ sauce, grilled tomatoes and zucchini from the garden, mac and cheese, and salad. Oh and BTR grilled Jude his own pork steak, #spoiled.

Jude runs around like crazy after dinner and runs into no less than 10 walls. We stage an adorable photo of Jude and Maggie sitting on the couch. I’m terrified he’s going to push her off the couch, but he does great. Also why does he look SO big next to her?!?!

8:30 pm – put Jude in bed, ridiculously past his bed time, but fun with friends in the summer is so much more important! :)

I make s’mores in the oven for dessert. Delicious!

BTR also opens a yummy beer, a 2014 Goose Island Bourbon County!

I show Cassie the birth announcement and we make a few adjustments to the back collage. I’ll email her the final proof tomorrow and then send it to print!

Sean and Cassie (and Maggie) leave and we clean up the kitchen and do dishes.

BTR and I sit on the couch and watch whatever is on TV. Scroll through Instagram a bit and he emails with laser guy, again. Seriously can’t wait till we get it!

I grab my water bottle and head to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth.

I get in bed and turn on Jimmy Fallon. I finish typing some DITL notes in my phone and check my Fitbit steps. Also check the calendar for tomorrow. Set my alarms on my Fitbit and my phone for tomorrow morning.

11:12 pm – take one last screen shot and then set my phone down for the night. Watched a little tv and then fell asleep.

DONE. What a post. Congratulations if you made it this far, you are amazing! Also, I just realized there is not a single photo of me? I mean I obviously exist, but there’s no proof…

I’m super excited to start comparing these to past DITL posts. Also, make sure to go check out Julia’s round up post coming soon to read everyone else’s posts!

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