Weekend Fun

So I’ve mentioned that we’ve been suuuuuper busy, and this weekend was no exception! So I’m just going to do a quick weekend recap of photos for blog posterity…

I made my first “pop up” card on the Cricut Explore! I also did some some birthday party crafting for a friend.

Jude saw his first parade!

I ate this amazing s’more cupcake. The icing was actually marshmallow!

I made pancake muffins, chocolate chip for me, blueberry for Jude, and plain for BTR.

We had lunch with my mom and aunt and uncle (in town from Seattle) at The Royale on Sunday and we all had amazing sandwiches!

And after lunch we headed over to Ices Plain & Fancy and it was so good! They basically make your ice cream to order using nitrogen. BTR and my mom both had mint chocolate chip and I had the sorbet that was made with Passion Fruit Prussia beer by 4 Hands (one of my FAVE beers). I definitely want to go back and try some more of their ice cream and some of the boozy ices!

Sunday evening we played with our new bubble machine! A friend posted on Instagram that she found it at Target for only $10 so I had to pick one up for us!

So that was our super crazy weekend! I’m still working on my DITL post and hope to have it up tomorrow for you! Happy Monday friends!

  • Bubble machine for the win! My girls are obssessed! I want to try a boozey ice, that sounds so refreshing!

    • I honestly don’t know what we did before we had a bubble machine, lol! And I definitely want to go back to Ices and try a boozy one soon! Thanks for commenting Whitney!

  • We have the same bubble machine and love it – except it’s pink (of course!) they had the Icer guys at heritage festival but only had 2 options, so we’ll have to check it out!

    • Bubble machines for the win! And you definitely need to go try Ices, it was so fun!

  • Sara McCarty

    Yay for birthday party crafting (!!!), ice cream, parades, panckaes, s’mores cupcakes and bubbles!! This is the best post ever! And by the way, can we borrow that bubble maker for the party on Sunday? ;) How cool!

    • I feel like this post was just a compilation of my favorite things, let’s do it again next weekend! xoxo