Friday Favorites

Is it seriously Friday? I feel like this week flew by and I still have ten million things on my to do list…

Have you ever heard of Savvy Sassy Moms? Well if you haven’t, it’s time you started following them! I’m so excited to announce that I am one of their new Savvy Sassy Scouts! They’ve been announcing all of the new scouts on their Instagram this week and it’s been so much fun getting to know everyone! So do yourself a favor and go follow everyone!

Amazon just announced they are having Amazon Prime Day on July 15 and I’m so excited. I have absolutely no idea what it all means, but I’m excited.


Things are getting CRAZY around here. I have 76 pounds of product for the shop arriving today. Which means I will have 76 pounds of product to ship out. So like I said, #crazy. Also we are soooo close to deciding on whether or not we are getting a laser engraver. Which is super exciting and super nerve-wracking because it’s such a big investment and it means we have a lot to learn!

Last week before we went to Chicago I got a gel manicure so it would last through the trip. It held up great, but then my nails started growing out and now it’s finally starting to chip a bit. I’m totally dreading taking it off because it is so much work. Any at home removal tips?

I documented our “day in the life” on Wednesday and now I need to type it up! I took notes all day on my phone so it shouldn’t be that hard. But I do have about 125 photos to go through. After a quick skim, I’m pretty sure this one will be my favorite photo of the entire day.

Seriously though, what is he thinking?

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