A Star Spangled Kids Recap

It’s a Star Spangled Kids Recap!

Hey Friends!

#StarSpangledKids - A Star Spangled Kids Recap | Ellie And Addie

So I had grand plans of doing this awesome recap of the #StarSpangledKids link up and sharing all the awesome pictures with a big collage, etc. But then I had a really bad feeling about sharing other people’s photos for a few different reasons – the biggest one being that these are not my kids and I wouldn’t be happy if someone shared Jude’s photo without my permission.

SO! Instead I am going to highly encourage you to check out the tag on Instagram by clicking HERE.

Or go back to my original post HERE and check out all the awesome blogs that linked up with us! There are some seriously cute red, white, and blue kiddos!

And again a HUGE shoutout to my awesome co-hosts! They are amazing and I’m so glad they went along with my crazy idea! Go check them out here –>

Sara from Running from the Law
Kristy from Seven Graces
Erin from Hello Erin
Vanessa from Sunflower State of Mind
Natalie from East Coast Chic

#StarSpangledKids - A Star Spangled Kids Recap | Ellie And Addie

Happy Thursday!