Weekend Fun

Happy Monday friends! I hope you all had a fun holiday weekend! Ours was a little different than Fourth’s in the past, but we still had a ton of fun!

I’ll recap our Chicago trip later, but oh my goodness did Brandon and I have fun. And we did a LOT for only being up there one night!

We got home super late Friday night, but Jude did not let us sleep in on Saturday! We did a few things around the house and then decided to hit up the local splash pad. Everyone is always talking about how much fun it is and I was hoping it would be less crowded because of the holiday.

Jude had a BLAST! He was running around and playing with all of the fountains and then worked up the courage to run through one of the tunnels. The video we have of it is so adorable. They also have these creeks filled with rocked the kids can play in. We will definitely be going back soon!

Saturday night we were super lazy and just grilled out at home and watched fireworks on the tv. Lame I know, but we were still tired from our trip and Jude was sleepy too! We did make s’mores (in the oven!) and they were delicious.

more s'more please

more s’mores please

Sunday we went to a birthday party for a cousin and Jude had more fun in the water!

He also got to try some ice cream cake! He clearly has my sweet tooth… :)

Sunday night we watched the soccer game and then worked in the garden.

Jude discovered how the hose works so we might be in trouble with that!

So not much this weekend, but it was still a fun one with my little family!


The best part of the weekend by FAR has been checking out everyone’s #StarSpangledKids photos! Instagram has been so much fun to check out and I seriously cannot get over how adorable everyone is! I can’t say thanks enough to everyone who linked up with us, it has been a blast! And if you haven’t yet, don’t worry the link up will be open until July 7 so you still have time to add your post here!

Happy Monday Friends!