Pinning – as many popsicle recipes as I can! I’m so obsessed with my new Quick Pop Maker and I want to make as many fun popsicles as possible this summer! Send me your favorite recipe stat! Or check out my Pinterest board here.

Driving – all around town! I’ve talked about how my Junior Service Club has events to raise money, but we also go out into the community and do service projects. One of them is delivering Meals on Wheels to seniors in our community. Someone in our club does this every single Monday, and this week I was signed up to do it! BTR and Jude tagged along with me and we had lots of fun. I can’t wait till it’s my turn to deliver again!

Laughing – at what this Milwaukee man did to his roof.

Watching – Odd Mom Out. I’ve watched the first two episodes so far and I thought it was pretty funny! I have another one waiting in my DVR for when I find a free moment (so basically never).

Also watching – Orange Is The New Black, Season 3. BTR and I love this show and it’s just as funny as previous seasons!

ReadingThe Antelope in the Living Room by Melanie Shankle. I loved the first book I read written by her (Sparkly Green Earrings) and so far this one is just as good! Also, linking up with Narci for her Carpool Book Club! I love seeing what everyone else is reading so I can add them to my Goodreads list!

Inspired – by Shay’s newest watercolor she posted on Instagram. I had the pleasure of attending Making Things Happen with this girl a few years ago and I love following along on her adventures! Plus she has hedgehogs, so you should be following her for that reason alone.

Brushing – my hair, on repeat. I finally drank the kool aid and ordered a Wet Brush because they were on super sale on Amazon one day. And yes I’m now a fan and would totally recommend it! Mine says Pro but I have no idea if that means it is different or not.

Reviewing – my Target Beauty Box purchases. I was pleasantly surprised with the contents of the men’s and women’s beauty boxes! I ordered the men’s one because I knew the razor inside was the one BTR already used and he could use a new one, so that itself was a deal. The rest of his stuff will probably get thrown in a travel bag for vacations this summer.

The women’s box had a pretty pink nail polish, nail polish remover pads (perfect for travel), a red lipstick, some eye cream, and a dry shampoo. I’m excited to try a new dry shampoo because I still haven’t found one I love and I’ve tried like four different kinds so far.

Obsessing – over these tiny wet feet footprints on our front porch. So sweet.

Staring – out the window and hoping the birds come! I finally cleaned and filled our hummingbird feeder that hangs off our deck. Now to buy some bird seed for the other feeders in the yard!

Happy Wednesday friends!