Weekend Fun

Hey Friends! I hope you are having a FABULOUS Monday so far! Here’s what we did this weekend!

Friday night we hung out at home and made one my favorite dinners and I will be sharing that recipe on the blog very soon! Before and after dinner we just played in the yard. Our flowers are finally starting to bloom and our zucchinis are getting wild and crazy! We plant them in their own box since they get so big. And then you can also see our hops are growing pretty high. Our neighbors probably think we are crazy. :)


Saturday morning we woke up and got donuts and checked out a few more yard sales, but didn’t find anything fun this week. It was so hot Saturday afternoon we jumped in the pool for a bit and then came home and I had some awesome mail waiting for me! First was my Target Beauty Boxes (details coming soon) and the second was my order from one of my favorite bloggers, Leah, and her shop at Shop Simply Made With Love. I ordered a monogrammed baseball cap and coffee sleeve and they are both PERFECT! I would definitely recommend Leah for all your monogram and embroidery needs!

After dinner Saturday I decided to try out another popsicle recipe, cold brew coffee! It almost looks like chocolate. I’m trying to come up with a fun hashtag to use on all my popsicle posts on Instagram…

Sunday was early for church and then I had a Starbucks gold reward so I grabbed a (big) coffee because I couldn’t wait to use my new coffee sleeve!

We went to our friend’s house to swim on Sunday and it was sunny for a bit, but then the rain came in so we just hung out on their patio and ate bbq! It was so fun just chatting and playing with the kiddos.

Sunday night BTR and I caught up on old episodes of Game of Thrones and then watched the season finale! #Spoiler, but why do they have to kill everyone?!?!?

As usual we have another busy week! I hope you all had a relaxing weekend!