Father’s Day Gift Guide

Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite ideas for Fathers Day gifts! While you can always get the standard polo shirt or tie (absolutely nothing wrong with either of those!), these are a few fun ideas that you could add to those gifts!

Father's Day Gift Guide | Ellie And Addie

1. Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA
Considering Jude is on the verge of saying real words, this book would be perfect! And I’m sure it’s awesome if Jimmy Fallon wrote it, because duh, it’s Jimmy Fallon.

2. IPA Glasses
One of Brandon’s favorite types of beers is an IPA and the best way to drink an IPA is out of these amazing glasses. I really have no idea why they are so awesome (something to do with hop aromas), but BTR loves them and would highly recommend them to anyone who likes beer! And if you are looking for an IPA to give with these glasses, Goose Island IPA is always a classic.

3. Barrel Stave Bottle Openers
Ok shameless plug, but these bottle openers that BTR sells in his Etsy shop really are awesome for multiple reasons. One, they won’t bend your bottle cap (which also leads to the next gift idea) and two, they are made out of old barrels! These are old whiskey and bourbon barrels that were then used to age beer, so it’s like full circle for the craft beer lover in your life!

4. Beer Cap Map of the USA
I think this is just the coolest thing ever! And since you are using your barrel stave bottle opener all your caps will be perfect to put in this! :) Right now we have all our bottle caps in an old vase sitting on our counter with more in ziplock bags somewhere in the basement. We made some magnets with caps one time to use on our extra fridge, but how fun would it be to hang this in a bar or man cave? If you don’t want the USA you can also pick an individual state!

5. Race Car Shirts
How adorable are these shirts? And matching at that! Jude really likes playing with anything that has wheels right now and I think he would love driving cars all over BTR!

6. Grilling Basket
While most dads *probably* already have a grill, grilling accessories are always fun! We could definitely use a new grilling basket and maybe some new skewers and tongs as well!

I can’t tell you exactly what BTR is getting from me and Jude :) but there might be a few things from this list as well as a surprise or two for him! What are you getting the dad(s) in your life for Father’s Day this year?

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  • That bottle cap map is awesome! esp with the bottle opener =)

  • My husband loves IPAs too! (And so do I — I’m missing them during pregnancy!). I will check out those glasses. Great ideas!

    • Hi Brittany! You MUST get these glasses if your husband likes IPAs, they are great! And I never knew how much I missed beer until I couldn’t have it! :) Thanks for commenting!

  • Steph

    I’m excited about Jimmy Fallon’s book too! That’s on our Father’s Day list this year as well! The bottle cap map is awesome! Love it!

  • Aubrey

    We are having the hardest time trying to figure out what to get my dad. The grilling accessories might work. He has everything so he’s a pain to shop for.

    • Sometimes shopping for guys is so hard! Good luck finding something, I’m sure he’ll love anything!

  • The race car shirts has got to be purchased! Connor uses my husband daily as a garage and this would be perfection!

  • Justine Y

    We don’t drink, but I totally need that USA map for our soda caps! So cool!

  • Momista Beginnings

    Okay, no joke…true story…but your list of gifts is spot on! I don’t know how many of these I’ve seen that always leave me disappointed. I’m always like, “here comes another list where MAYBE I’ll find on thing that I’d actually buy for my husband.” But seriously, your roundup applies to me in every way (well, except for the IPA glass…BUT…my brother loves IPA and I don’t think he has this so I’m getting it for him!). I love all of these gifts, such great ideas. Thanks for sharing. Now, time to shop :) -Misty

    • Misty, you just made my day! These are all things I know my husband either already loves or would love, so I’m glad you thought it was a good list! Thanks for commenting!

  • These are all so fun and unique!!

  • Stefanie

    Cute ideas! My husband asked for shirts…so each of our 4 kids will pick one out for him!

    • That’s awesome he told you want he wants, so much easier than guessing! Thanks for commenting Stefanie!

  • kayla

    Definitely grill accessories!

  • Rob-Carrie Tisthammer

    I’m going to have to check out that book!!!! I hadn’t heard of it!!

  • Stephanie Chalk

    What is BTR’s Etsy Shop?! You just may have a purchase coming your way! :) Xo, Stephanie

  • Sandra Litcher

    I just love that bottle cap map, what a cool, unique gift!

  • Scarlett Ballantyne

    I love the Jimmy Fallon book idea – I might have to go out and get that one!

  • Great ideas, YES loving that bottle cap map. We have an anniversary coming up and I think this would be PERFECT!! Thanks for sharing. :)

  • Sara McCarty

    Oh!! Awesome gift ideas!! I need to order one of BTR’s bottle openers sometime soon!

  • Brittany and Liz–I feel like the only time I really craved beer was during pregnancies! (just to be clear, I did NOT indulge in my craving for beer during pregnancy) But, my husband loves IPA’s too. And I haven’t gotten him anything for Father’s Day yet…Thanks for some ideas :)

    • Seriously Brooke! I had no idea how much I really did enjoy beer until I couldn’t have it! I definitely did a lot of sniffing and smelling of my husband’s beers those nine months! Thanks for commenting!