Weekend Fun

We had another crazy and fun weekend! I’ll start with Friday…

We woke up early and shopped a few yard sales and then celebrated National Donut Day. That afternoon we headed to STL and had lunch at Mission Taco. Oh so good!

Then we headed to The Side Project Cellar to drop of Brandon’s newest woodworking order for them! He designed and made special boxes for them to sell to hold their sour beers. It was such a fun project and I’m so excited with how it turned out!

We hung low at home Friday night and played with Jude’s awesome garage sale find, this GIANT Tonka truck. He LOVES pushing it around the yard and I love that we got a great deal on it! :)

all boy!

Saturday morning we woke up early again and did a bunch of projects and work around the house and ran some errands. I had found this bucket in the $1 bin at Target (maybe it was $3, I honestly can’t remember) so I cut some vinyl on my Cricut Explore to jazz it up a bit! It’s a little crooked, but I had never applied anything to a curved surface before.

Also on Saturday morning BTR’s cousin was having a yard sale and we got a few toys for Jude. Well on his way out BTR spotted the accessories for the Zoku Quick Pop Maker, brand new and still in their boxes. He knows that I was obsessed with wanting to get one for like the past two years. So he texted and asked if I wanted the accessories and I said YES and immediately ran to Bed Bath & Beyond to get the actual Quick Pop Maker. Yes this is a very expensive toy, but I justified it with the deal I got on all the accessories for it, I didn’t mind spending the money on the actual tool. Plus BBB coupons, duh! So basically a huge thanks to Shannon for getting rid of her accessories so I could feed my popsicle obsession! :)

Saturday evening we had some friends over for a little get together for dinner and yummy beers. We grilled chicken wings (so delicious) and had lots of tasty cheese and homemade salsas. Oh and our friend made a rum cake for dessert, DELICIOUS! She gave me the recipe and I can’t wait to try it!

Instax photos of our yummy drinks from Saturday night!

We slept in Sunday morning (even Jude!!!) and then lazily did our morning routine. I had some work for a big project due today and BTR also had to do some work in his shop.


I put together the toys we got for Jude from the yard sale, it was a few different Go-Go Smart Wheels sets. They are so adorable and he already loves playing with them! I set them all up at first, but then decided to put a few of them away and rotate them out later.

colored plastic FTW

Sunday night we had dinner and then played in the yard. Then I got out the new popsicle maker! I used it Saturday night and we just made pineapple juice pops, and they were delicious! Sunday night I made another pineapple juice one and BTR made one using a Radler.

my pineapple popsicle

my pineapple popsicle

I wasn’t sure how the beer would do in it, but it just took a little longer to freeze and then it was perfect!

BTR's beer popsicle, and it was yummy!

BTR’s beer popsicle, and it was yummy!

So as you can see we had another busy weekend and this week looks like it will be pretty packed too! I have a crazy day today with my business and a new product launch and I’m very excited about it! Also later this week I’ll be sharing my Father’s Day gift guide, so be sure to check back!

Happy Monday Friends!