Fourteen Years

I went on my first date with Brandon fourteen years ago today. He picked me up and we had dinner at Steak ‘n Shake. I don’t have a picture from that night, but I can tell you exactly what I wore (jean skirt, Abercrombie & Fitch t-shirt, and denim rhinestone flip-flops in case you were curious). I do have this gem from our first prom in 2002.

Fun fact about our first date. I wasn’t sure what I should order to eat and I thought it was more appropriate for a girl to order a “salad” as opposed to the hamburger, fries, and chili I really wanted. And I had never eaten a salad before and I hated ranch dressing (I was super picky when I was younger). So I ordered the chicken salad and it had ranch dressing on it and I ate it. And now I love salads. And ranch dressing.

I tried going through my photos to see all my photos from every June 3 since 2001 but didn’t find anything very interesting. I liked this one from 2013 when we were building this fun table out of pallets.

Last year I wasn’t blogging here yet, but I did write this post on my tumblr account.

Late one night in high school I sent an instant message to the only other person online at 2 in the morning, only to realize it wasn’t Sean, but it was his friend Brandon. Soon “Menace277” and I were chatting more often than not. The first time we hung out was at my house with plenty of supervision from my best friend Stephanie, her mom, and my mom. The next night he took me out on my first real date, to Steak-N-Shake, and asked me to be his girlfriend. That was June 3, 2001.

We’ve been to proms, graduated high school, attended fraternity & sorority formals, graduated college, lived in Chicago, got a little puppy, got engaged, moved back to STL, built a house, got married, got a big puppy, started our own businesses, and the best of all, had a baby.

Here’s to 13 years with the one who makes me the happiest person in the world. Love you BTR!

We usually try and go to lunch or dinner at Steak ‘n Shake on June 3 and here’s a picture from last year.

And here’s a picture from this year.

Happy fourteen years BTR, I love you!