Weekend Fun

Hey Friends! Here’s a quick recap of our fun (and crazy productive) weekend!

Our garden(s) are starting to get pretty big! The zucchinis are finally starting to bloom, hopefully we will be able to eat some soon! And I love our roses. Like love them so, so much. We bought them in the middle of summer a few years ago. They were marked down to like $5 a plant (normally like $30) because Lowes didn’t want to water them anymore and no one was buying them (I mean it was like almost August). We took a chance on them and now they are huge and I love them so much!

BTR had bought some peaches at the store the day before and decided to make us a late night dessert! When he was a waiter in college he had to make bananas foster all the time, so he is pretty much a professional. We like to experiment with different fruits, and peaches are just as yummy as bananas! And yes we keep a bottle of 151 rum on hand just for this. I think we’ve had this bottle for like 10 years.

Saturday morning someone (cough, Jude, cough) woke up at the crack of dawn ready to play!

We ran a few errands and did some work and then that afternoon we went next door to our neighbor’s house for a graduation party. They had delicious BBQ and Jude got in on some bags action.

Saturday night after Jude went to bed, BTR and I headed to the shop (also known as our garage) to work on a big custom order he has right now. We were waiting on a tool to arrive to finish this project, and it finally came last week! My job was gluing, I’m not allowed to use power tools. :)


Sunday morning we woke up bright and early for church and then came home just in time for naps. After nap time we took Jude to my mom’s so he could play and we could work. It was a win-win situation because my mom LOVES watching Jude and we got lots of uninterrupted work done!

We grilled chicken wings for dinner Sunday night and then watched some tv.

It was another crazy busy and fun weekend! I’m hoping to get back on a regular posting schedule this week, so make sure to check back soon!

Happy Monday Friends!