So many things and so little time! This week has been CRAZY busy and I never got a weekend recap post up, so I’m combining it in today’s post!

Eating – all the brussels sprouts. On Saturday we went to a new BBQ place in town called BEAST. I had a pulled pork sandwich and then the brussels sprouts as my side. They are roasted with pork belly. I could seriously eat these every day all day if it was an option, they were amazing.

Loving – our hometown. After our bbq lunch we headed to the square to walk around Art on the Square. It’s the number 2 art show in the nation and it’s so fun to see all of the artists and different exhibits. We went last year with an infant Jude, and I love these side by side photos! It’s seriously insane that these photos are only one year apart!

Swinging – all the time. Jude only likes being in his infant swing on the playset for short periods of time. But sitting on BTR and swinging? He could do that all day every day. He loves it!

Loving – on our best friend’s new baby girl. We got to meet her this week when we took dinner to their house. I completely forgot how tiny and squishy newborns are. She was just the sweetest thing EVER! And Jude brought along this cute purple hippo to give to her (with a tag I cut on my Cricut).

Brewing – way too much beer. And having way too much fun doing it. On Sunday BTR had friends over for a big brew day! And now I have lots of spent grain to make puppy treats this week!

Sneaking – food for Jude. He didn’t want to eat the cottage cheese this evening. So BTR “disguised” it by putting one cheerio on the spoon. And the little man inhaled it. I mean it wasn’t really even hidden, but if there was a cheerio on the spoon he was all about it. #reallife

ReadingSparkly Green Earrings by Melanie Shankle. I have not read a book in forever, but I just finished this one and cannot wait to read her other two books! I’ve never read her blog, but am definitely adding it to my feedly asap! It was a fun easy read and think pretty much all mamas could relate! I would definitely recommend it!

And linking up with Narci at Grace and Love Blog for the Carpool Book Club!


Sad – that we had our last MOPS meeting of the year this week. It has been so much fun getting to know other moms and make friends. We have lots of playdates planned this summer already, so I know we won’t be missing them too much!

Playing – with this truck non-stop. Jude has been stacking blocks and dumping them over and over and over. It’s so adorable to watch and I love seeing him learn and play with his toys.


That’s all I’ve got for today friends. Thanks for sticking around even though I’ve been a little MIA! With the end of the school year for BTR and lots of work projects for both of us, we’ve been crazy busy!