Friday Favorites

Well nothing like waiting till the last minute for a blog post, right? Seems to be the theme this week! Here we go!

I mentioned that we went strawberry picking at Eckert’s on Wednesday. Well Sara wrote a post and it has all the BEST photos. I’m officially hiring her to go everywhere with us and take photos because she seriously rocks. Go check out her post to see all of them, but this shot is definitely my favorite. Jude does not like strawberries apparently. And I’m the worst for making him try them. :)

I also mentioned that I ordered a Mother’s Day gift for our moms (and me) and it was going to arrive late. Well it came this week and it was sooooo worth the wait! These mugs from Evelyn Henson are the Seriously obsessed.

My friend Meg mentioned “vaguebooking” the other day and I almost fell out of my chair laughing because I had never heard that term before. And then I found this photo and fell out of my chair again.

I don't know the original source for this photo, if you do let me know!

I don’t know the original source for this photo, if you do let me know!

I received my box for the Healthy Baby Home Party from Seventh Generation and I can’t wait to go through it all and share with some mommy friends!

I’m seriously lacking in the blog department lately. I’m so sorry if I haven’t read and commented on any friend’s blogs and even more sorry I haven’t replied to all the comments you have left me! I have them all saved in my inbox and I swear I will get to them soon!

Happy Friday friends! And as always, I’m linking up with all the lovely ladies listed on my linkup page! And don’t forget to like Ellie And Addie on Facebook or follow me on Instagram!

  • Hey, it is totally okay..we all have days, weeks that blogging needs to take a backseat to life. By the way, those mugs are adorable.

    • I’m finally responding to comments today! :) I really love the mugs, almost as much as I love coffee!

  • Those mugs are adorable! I think the Off to the Races one would be my favorite.

    And just letting you know, I’m stopping by from Five on Friday!

    • Hi Shoshanah, thanks for reading and commenting! Aren’t they the cutest mugs?!? Hope you are doing well!

  • Stephanie Chalk

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Those coffee cups are the cutest, love them! Xo, Stephanie

  • Bummer about not liking strawberries but one excellent rejection picture! I’d want Sara to join me on all the family outings too. She seems the sweetest and is one excellent photo taker. Can’t go wrong with her as a bud. I hope we can make it to the strawberries this weekend!

    • Hey Courtney! Sara is the BEST! And I love Jude’s face when I tried to make him eat the strawberry!

  • Vaugebook. I haven’t heard of it either, but I love that flock mug!