Sorry for the lack of posts this week, we’ve been super busy! Lots of projects and work going on around here! Here’s what we’ve been doing…

Dreaming – of lazy Sundays. We had a wonderful Mother’s Day and here’s a quick picture we snapped during lunch. I love my little family!

Crafting – all the paper. I’ve been having a lot of fun with my Cricut Explore lately! We attended Jude’s friend’s first birthday party last Saturday and I made this banner and love how it turned out!

Jude had lots of fun playing with cars and eating cake! I also made the little tag to go on the books.

Dying – to hold a baby girl! Our best friend’s had their baby girl today and she is just perfection! I cannot wait to snuggle her!

Eating – all the strawberries. We went to Eckert’s today and picked strawberries and had lunch with some friends. Oh my goodness it was so much fun! And we now have enough strawberries to last a lifetime.

Reading – a note from a friend. I really love snail mail and sometimes getting a little note in the mailbox is exactly what you need after a long day with a crazy baby. Love you J! ;)

Loving – that BTR’s last day of school is coming! I cannot wait for summer!

Not loving – the little man attitude. I’ve heard of the terrible twos and threenagers, but what do you call a wild one year old? He is just getting more and more personality by the day and while it is seriously adorable and I love seeing him become his own little person, I’m also absolutely exhausted by bed time.

Drinking – all the slushies in all the land. BTR did awesome for Mother’s Day and got me my most wanted item, which was on my Mother’s Day wish list. It’s called a Slush and Shake Maker and it’s made by Zoku. I tested it out Sunday evening with a lime-a-rita and it was perfection. I will be drinking frozen slushies (non-alcoholic and alcoholic) all summer long!

I hope you’re all having a great week!