Friday Favorites

I said on Tuesday it was one of “those days” but it’s actually been one of those weeks. I’m so glad it’s Friday and the weekend is here! Edit: I started writing this Thursday night, but Jude slept in this morning and is a great mood! Hallelujah!

I think I’m still on a high from last night! It was our last Junior Service Club meeting till the fall, and it’s the one where we give away all the money we’ve raised over the past year. It’s so exciting and fulfilling to see how much money we are giving to our services. The best part is that all of the services and charities we support are actually in our community. As a club we had over 5300 service hours and gave away over $53,000!

I ordered a Mother’s Day gift for me, my mom, and Brandon’s mom last week but they won’t be here till next week. #fail And yes I did just say I ordered a gift for myself, it’s not anything huge and I really wanted it, thanks BTR! ;) BUT I did send (and receive) a Mother’s Day box! Check my post yesterday to see what I sent and what I received in my first box swap!!

I’m counting down the days till summer. I’m so excited for BTR to be home everyday! We have a lot of work projects for the summer (joys of owning a business), but are trying to plan lots of fun things to do as well!

I’m super behind on responding to blog comments and a few other maintenance things around here! I might have gotten a little burnt out from posting everyday in April, but I’ve got a whole list of topics and things I want to write about going forward! I’m also trying not to get caught up in the numbers game of page views, followers, comments, likes, etc. I just want this to be a fun space for me, not a cause is stress! And so far it has been exactly that, which is awesome! And I totally appreciate all of you that are following along and linking, commenting, and sharing! :)

Happy Friday friends! And as always, I’m linking up with all the lovely ladies listed on my linkup page! And don’t forget to like Ellie And Addie on Facebook or follow me on Instagram!