Friday Favorites

Today is May 1 which means April is over as well as one month of blog posts! I originally did it because I was inspired by Julia saying she was going to do it, and I’m so glad I did because it was so much fun! I’m going to work on a more consistent schedule of when and what I’ll be posting in the future, but here’s a recap of this last week.

Saturday – Lovely Links
Sunday – Dancing Machine
Monday – Weekend Fun
Tuesday – Mother’s Day Gift Guide
Wednesday – Currently…
Thursday – Old Bakery Beer Co.

Old Bakery Beer Co. | Ellie And Addie

We are all struggling with allergies. At least I think it’s allergies. BTR always gets them pretty bad this time of year, but I never have had them like this before. We both have scratchy throats and coughs and now Jude has a snotty nose. I know you really wanted to know that.

Did you see my Mother’s Day gift guide the other day? I seriously would love anything on that list! BTR I hope you’re paying attention! ;)

Mother's Day Gift Guide | Ellie And Addie

I’ve see a few different summer bucket lists and I really want to make one for us. We did a lot last summer, even though we had a fairly new baby, but I really want to have lots of activities planned for us to do as a family. We have discussed a few ideas and it’s time to put them on paper. Do you have any ideas for me to put on it?

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