Wishing – for more sleep. Jude has been waking up a little earlier than normal. And he’s teething. At least I assume teething is the cause of the mass amounts of drool. I can tell he’s uncomfortable and I just feel so bad for him. Plus allergies are getting to me (and BTR) so I don’t feel 100% either. Not a fun week in our house! I’m hoping for a relaxing weekend, but who am I kidding!

Visiting – the Old Bakery Beer Co. in Alton, IL. BTR and I have been wanting to visit there for a while now so when they had an opportunity to try their beer and food along with a brewery tour last night, I jumped on it! We had lots of fun and I’ll have a full recap coming soon. Also I need to learn more about Yelp apparently?

Wanting – everything I don’t already have from my Mother’s Day gift guide. I have a few of the items on there already, and I’m hoping BTR knows what is what when he goes shopping. :)

Mother's Day Gift Guide | Ellie And Addie

Debating – what I want to keep and what I want to return from my Lilly for Target purchases. There is a 14 day return period on this collection so my deadline is this weekend. I know I can’t/shouldn’t keep it all, but I honestly cannot decide what to keep and what to return!


Okay that’s all for today, Jude is napping and I plan on taking a nap myself! Happy Wednesday friends!