Jude’s First Birthday Party

Today I am so excited to share all of the details for Jude’s first birthday party! Get ready for a photo overload, I just can’t help myself!

We figured there was no better theme for an opening day baby than a baseball party! Plus it made planning pretty simple.

I designed his invitations using the photos we took at a local park, and I’m kind of obsessed with how they turned out!

We went simple and easy on the decor and food. We served hot dogs (out of a hot dog cart!), nachos, and homemade pasta salad (BTR’s mom makes the BEST pasta salad).

Then for dessert we had cupcakes from Sam’s, baseball cookies, and ice cream. The cupcakes were arranged and frosted like a baseball and I bought Cardinals helmets to serve the ice cream in and use as favors for all the kids.

For decor I bought some red and white balloons and then we got out a bunch of our bobble heads from game giveaways! I designed and cut a baseball banner with his name on my Cricut Explore to hang behind his high chair.

We just wanted the party to be fun and easy for everyone, so we just hung out in the backyard and on the deck playing most of the time.

BTR cut this giant “1” out of wood and painted it and we stuck it in the back yard. I’m hoping to continue this tradition with new numbers every year!

One of my favorite things I made was Jude’s shirt. I designed it on my Cricut and then cut it using iron-on material.

We gathered inside briefly to sing to the little man, but he couldn’t be bothered because he was focused on that cake sitting in front of him!

I made his cake and I’m assuming it was good because he destroyed it!

There were kiddos of all ages in attendance, but I love this one of the three little boys in the grass. They have birthdays three months in a row, with Jude being the oldest.

We also had lots of fun playing with the new water table! I was hesitant to fill it with water because I didn’t want parents to have to deal with wet kids, but the other parents said go for it and I’m glad we did, it was a hit!

I’m so excited that our new swingset got put to use! All the kids loved swinging and sliding on it and I can’t wait for more playdates with friends in the future!

We had the best time at Jude’s party and I’m so thankful for all our friends and family that helped us celebrate him!

Party Sources:
Invitations – designed and printed by me
Baseball Banner – designed by me and cut on my Cricut Explore
Jude’s Shirt – designed by me and cut on my Cricut Explore
Baseball Helmet Ice Cream Cups – Amazon
Cookies – Wood Bakery
Cupcakes – Sam’s Club