Eating – hot dogs and nachos like its my job. Brandon and I *may* have bought too much food for Jude’s birthday party. And now we have more hot dogs, brats, and nachos than is necessary for two people to consume in one lifetime. And don’t forget about the cookies and cupcakes as well. Diet starts next week?

Crafting – on my Cricut Explore. I had so much fun making a few decorations for Jude’s party and I just made a few more things to send in a box swap! I love how this intricate cut turned out. I’ll share the full project with you soon!

Missing – yoga and barre. I totally dropped the ball and haven’t been to a barre or yoga class in like four weeks. And I actually miss them, so I need to get it together and start going again!

Stalking – the front porch for the UPS man. I had a regular UPS package set to be delivered today so they upgraded my Lilly for Target packages that were supposed to arrive tomorrow to come early today. I asked BTR if I could do a fashion show tonight (you know, like when you were 6 and played dress up) and he looked at me like I had three heads. I’ll probably do it anyway. :)

Praising – the nap gods. Jude has finally settled into a routine and we are getting a good hour to two hour long nap in his crib every day, plus some quiet time later in the day. I’m sure as soon as I hit publish on this post he will never nap again.

Stumped – on how to feed my kid. Now that he is ONE we are supposed to switch to cow’s milk and regular food. The problem isn’t that he won’t eat regular food, because he loves it, it’s more that I’m at a loss on what to feed him and how and when, etc. I’m putting an email into my favorite mom of littles today to get her advice, but if you have any blogs or articles that helped you, send them my way!

Happy Earth Day friends, go do something to save the planet! :)

  • Ashley Bergman

    Umm…I want to see the fashion show! I’m still {slightly} mourning the Lilly stuff I missed out on. ;)

    And that circuit decoration! Amazing! Cannot wait to see it!

    The advice I have for feeding a one year old is just from what worked with my kids: but we just tried to give them what we were eating (we aren’t a spicy loving crowd, so it worked!). A few of my littles didn’t have lots of teeth so we just made sure it was always something they could eat. So we did 3 meals, with us, plus 2 snacks (although I’m not a stickler about snacks. As log as they are healthy and not too close to meal time, we go with it) :) Good luck Mama!

    • Well I did a fashion show for myself while the hubs watched baseball! :)

      Thanks for the feeding advice! We’ve been giving him a little of whatever we are eating to try, so now I just need to give him more to fill him up!

  • hahah hey just send the extra nachos my way!
    knock on wood about the naps…I hate when just even saying something out loud backfires on you.
    good luck with the food. He just doesn’t like any of it? We did baby led weaning with Aria and she ate everything. She is much pickier now but she prefers veggies over meat and pasta so I’ll take it. Keep offering in new ways!

    • We almost didn’t nap today, but then he fell asleep, YAY! As for food, he eats anything I give him, I’m just making it hard on myself with what I should be giving him and when. It’s totally just all in my head, I’m just so used to being on a bottle schedule and how easy it is!

  • Oh that crafting looks fun! Excited to see the full project! As for food just start with simple stuff. So he’s one now – last week he wasn’t. Take your time. Same with milk. It’s a transition. However I’m not sure how much BM/formula (not sure which you did/are doing) he drank but watch how much cow’s milk. 24oz a day is what the recommend. If he’s not eating other foods I’d hold off on too much milk bc it doesn’t have any iron in it. On top of that dairy actually blocks the absorption of iron. We had an iron issue around 1 year bc of cow’s milk hense my over detailed advise lol. Oh my kid still loves those puree pouches as snacks and on the go! So even at 3 I still hit up the baby food asile :)