Day In The Life – April 2015

Welcome to my very first day in the life post! I saw Julia put an alert out for day in the life posts, I thought it might be fun to do! And since I’m also following her lead on trying to blog everyday this month, I figured why not!

It was quite the task to do, taking all the pictures and jotting down notes in my phone all day. But I enjoyed it and I think it will be fun to look back in a few years (or even months) and see what we were doing and compare! I tried to write down times for things, but I honestly can’t remember when I did what. And obviously I did a much better job at documenting in the morning than I did for the afternoon, but hey that’s life!

Monday, April 13, 2015
Brandon – 30 years old
Liz – 29 years old
Jude – 1 years old
Ellie – 7 years old
Addie – 4 years old

I woke up on the middle of the night to rain, no idea what time, but I love hearing rain to put me back to sleep.

Wake up and realize BTR must have woken up and left for work without telling me, which also means Jude is still asleep. Yay for sleeping in! I lay in bed for a few minutes and then hear Jude. Check the monitor and yes he’s awake. It’s 8:01 am.

I run in to get him with hopes he’ll want to lay in my bed and snuggle. Nope not happening, little man is awake and ready to go! I get up and put my contacts in and then take him back to his room for a diaper change. Lately he rolls all over the changing table during diaper changes, but he was pretty good this morning.

Head back to my room to put Aquaphor on my lips, they’ve been super chapped the last week. We have a huge tube of it in Jude’s room, but I love having a mini one for myself.

Head to the kitchen to make Jude’s bottle. Jude helps me feed Addie. She won’t eat though so I have to keep him out of her bowl (he thinks dog food is fun to eat) while making his bottle. Turn on the TV and the Today Show.

Settle in on the couch and feed Jude. Give him his pacifier when he’s done and we snuggle for a bit.

Jude plays while I get on my phone to start typing notes for this blog post. Send some emails back and forth with BTR discussing food for the party on Saturday and what errands I need to run today.

I finally get Addie into kitchen to see her food, she eats and Jude wants to help. I take him to my room so I can change out of my pajamas and leave Addie in peace to eat. He’s not happy he’s stuck with me and tries to play with the door. I throw on yoga pants and a t-shirt.

Addie is done eating and I put her outside. She doesn’t want to come in but it’s raining.

Debate what to eat for breakfast. Decide on oatmeal instead of a poptart solely based on the fact that I’m putting this on the internet for everyone to read and I want them to think I’m somewhat healthy.

Pour OJ and also take my vitamins. I love looking at the pictures on our fridge. Heat oatmeal and put clean dishes away.

Sit on couch with oatmeal while Jude plays. Let oatmeal cool and check emails on my phone again. It’s 9:00 am.

Finally eat oatmeal and drink my OJ. Check work emails on phone so prepared to go ship downstairs. Make a few lists for cleaning, party food, and what needs to get done today. I love lists.

Run to basement to ship packages. Little man is a mess in basement, but we get it done quick.

Come upstairs, put packages on porch and change Jude’s diaper. Change Jude into clothes, put stain stick on pjs. How did his pajamas get so dirty? Get more stain stick from the laundry room.

Finally make a cup of coffee in my favorite mug!

It’s 10:10 am and I sit on couch with coffee and Jude has his snack cup. He plays with some toys. Show Me St. Louis is on and because it’s opening day and show is all about baseball and what to do around the ballpark.

Jude plays with his helicopter and frog toy. It totally makes my day to see him finally figure out how the frog toy works. He seems more cranky than normal, I noticed a new tooth last night, maybe another one is coming?

Change another diaper and get everything ready to run a few quick errands – grab sippy cup and snack cup with my purse.

10:41 am – Head to pick up contacts at eye doctor, make a deposit at the bank drive thru, and pick up RX at Walgreens. Eat a starburst from my purse at bank drive thru.

11:23 – get home and grab a quick snack for me (energy bite) and make Jude his bottle.

Feed jude his bottle in his dark room in the rocker with his sound machine on. Read my She Reads Truth Bible study for the day.

Finish his bottle and put him in crib for a nap. Hopefully it’s a long one! Take a screen shot to see what time he goes down for nap, it’s 11:42 am.

Clean up in kitchen and sync my Fitbit to see where I am today. Need to get some more steps in!

Go in office and send emails, schedule Facebook posts for the business pages and update the LED sign at Cutters.

Send more emails and get sucked into the trap that is “the internet” and completely forget what I wanted to originally do. Oh yea, write my weekend recap blog post! Pull photos to write blog post because I didn’t have time to do it last night, even though I prefer to write posts and schedule them to post early in the morning. Better late than never.

1:26 pm hear the little man and check monitor. Yup he’s awake, but at least he’s happy! Take another screen shot.

Pick him up and put in pack-n-play in my office so I can hit publish on weekend recap post and send one more email.

Grab Jude and head to kitchen. Turn on TV so we can watch opening day ceremonies. Totally forgot what channel Fox Sports is on because I haven’t watched it since October. It’s channel 1748.

Get my leftovers out and make my lunch. Open and cut banana for Jude and he eats the entire thing. Take 700 photos of him eating banana because it’s hilarious and adorable. Text 699 of those photos to BTR.

Clean up in kitchen while he finishes eating. Get him cleaned up and curse the high chair gods (again) and wish we had just splurged and bought the Boon Flair.

Grab a load of Jude’s laundry and throw it in the washer. Add a few more things to my to do list for his party.

Grab Jude’s new cardinals shirt and throw it on him and snap a picture. It’s adorable so I post it on Instagram. And then the best party of opening day happens, the CLYDESDALES go around the stadium. I have chills and may have wiped away a tear. I love baseball season! Really sad we aren’t at opening day with my dad, but realize we’ll be back soon enough!

Play with Jude while watching the ceremonies and BTR texts that he’s on his way home. It’s 3:30pm and BTR is home and Jude is so excited. Make an iced coffee for myself.

Sit on the couch to watch the Cardinals game and do some internet “research” aka blog reading and Twitter skimming while BTR and Jude play on the floor.

Decide we want to go to Sam’s Club and a few other stores to start buying party supplies. Look at new grills at Ace but can’t decide what we want. Head to Sam’s and order cupcakes for Saturday.

Decide we aren’t going to go home and make dinner and instead head to Taco Bell. Tell BTR I’m doing a day in the life post and now I have to tell everyone I’m eating dinner at Taco Bell. He says to lie and tell everyone I made steak in the pan with butter (that’s an inside joke from an episode of Mad Men).

After our super healthy dinner we drive to Toys R Us to buy Jude a pirate ship water table that was a gift for his birthday.

Drive back home and BTR takes Jude to his room to put him in his pajamas and I make his bottle. I put away Jude’s clean clothes.

BTR reads him a book.

BTR feeds him his bottle in his dark room and Addie stays in the room to “protect” them, it’s adorable.

I head to the basement with a glass of BTR’s home brew to do some more Quickbooks and ship more orders.

Come upstairs and do some cleaning to get ready for party and wash all the bottles. So many bottle and sippy cup pieces.

Get ready for bed and wash my face.

Get in bed and turn on tv. Sync my Fitbit and see how many steps I got today, sweet made my goal! Check my stats for the past week.

Watch some tv and addie is taking up half the bed.

Snap one last screen shot before passing out.

WOW! I can’t believe I did it! Hopefully this will be fun to look back on in the future and see how our lives have changed (or not changed). If you made it this far, I’m sorry I don’t have any prizes for you, but I wish I did! :)