This Is How We Do It: Grocery Shopping Link up

I’m so excited to be linking up with Lori from the Boutelle Family Blog and Ashley from Grace Mountain Diaries to talk about how I grocery shop in their “This Is How We Do It” link up!

Okay I need to be perfectly clear up front, I don’t actually have the best system and it probably won’t appeal to everyone, but it works for me!

I do grocery shopping at multiple places depending on what we need. Those places are:

ALDI – I can get almost everything we need from here! Don’t forget your quarter for a cart and your reusable grocery bags!

Schnucks – If there is something on my list I know won’t be at Aldis I’ll choose to go here instead so I only have to go to one place.

Sam’s Club – We don’t go here as often, only when we need bulk things like paper towels, toilet paper, and dog food. Or if we are having a party and need lots of food!

Target – I don’t actually do a lot of grocery shopping at Target unless I see something on sale. Side note: if you aren’t using the Cartwheel app at Target, you aren’t doing it right! Seriously, stop whatever you are doing right this second and download it. Nothing goes in my Target cart without getting scanned by Cartwheel first! Am I nerd? YES! But I don’t care what you (or BTR) think!

Trader Joe’s – This is probably my FAVORITE grocery store, but we don’t have one that close to us. So about once every three or four weeks, BTR and I will take a trip over to STL and stock up on all of our favorite things.

No onto how I make my lists. I use an app (free) called Wunderlist for all my list making. One of my lists is called “shopping list” and every time we run out of something I add it to that list. The app syncs between my iPhone, iPad, and desktop computer. It doesn’t matter what store I will get that item from, it automatically goes on this list! When it is time for me to go grocery shopping I will look at my shopping list and see what items I need and that’s how I decide what store to go go. Then I  “star” those items for whatever store I’m going to so they go to the top of my Wunderlist so I can easily see what I need when I get to the store.

So you can see, I don’t have the most scientific grocery shopping habits, but they work for me. Also, the key to happy shopping is lots of snacks for Jude! It’s so much easier to shop now that he can sit on top of the cart. When I used to take him in his carseat, he would take up the entire basket!

I had so much fun linking up today! How do you make your shopping lists?

  • I scan EVERYTHING for Cartwheel and I even make them scan the mobile coupon links too just incase I missed something. Trader Joe’s is my fave too – and I always treat myself to flowers!

    • BTR hates going to Target with me because I scan everything lol. And TJ’s flowers are the best!

  • Ashley Bergman

    Loving all of these new apps! I’m with you though, I LOVE Cartwheel – and get so proud to find random items (from my list) on there! I’m hoping that one day I can shop at more than one store again! ;) Thanks for linking up, I’m loving these tips!

    • Cartwheel and Wunderlist are my favorites! Thanks so much for hosting such a fun link up!

  • Great tips! We love Trader Joe’s! And yes – Cartwheel app is amazing!! I would love to figure out how to incorporate Sam’s or Costco into our routine at some point! Thank you for linking up!! :)

    • We love Sam’s, not for everything, but for bulk items it’s great! Thanks so much for hosting such a fun link up!

  • I LOVE LOVE wunderlist!!! I have a seperate grocery shopping app – called Shopper. but wunderlist is amazing for keeping track of well everything!

    • Wunderlist is my saving grace! I probably have 15 different lists going at all times!

  • natalie@thesweetslife

    Have you heard of the add called Grocery IQ? I make my grocery lists on it and love it! You can set up multiple grocery stores and then check things off when you buy them. Maybe not as easy as your current method, but I’m obsessed :)

    • I haven’t heard of that app but I’m definitely going to download it! It would probably be easier to make lists for each store instead of one giant one and then trying to sort. Thanks so much for commenting Natalie!