Lovely Links

Happy Saturday friends!

I wanted to share a few of my favorite reads from the past few weeks with you!

Why I go to counseling for a marriage that’s not broken – I went to high school with the pretty lady that wrote this post, and I really think it’s a great read! Side note: she lives overseas with her husband who plays basketball and always has the prettiest pictures of the most amazing locations!

You Know You’re a Stay-at-Home Mom When… – Kristy from Seven Graces wrote this post. I pretty much nodded my head and giggled the entire time. Oh so true, all of it!

20 Ways to get excited about your blog – Being such a new blogger, I’m pretty much always excited to put up a new post. But I thought these were all great reminders for any blogger in any stage of the game!

Why you need two of your favorite tee – I’ve been a big fan of Rachel’s for a while (we both have a Jude!), but when she gave me an excuse reason to buy more clothes, I fell in love with her all over again!