Friday Favorites

Hi Friends! I’m so happy it is Friday! We have lots going on today, so I’m going to make it a quick one!

I blogged everyday, again! I’m having lots of fun writing and I hope you are enjoying reading! In case you missed anything, here’s what I posted this week…

Saturday – Jude’s Easter Basket (awesome job making it BTR!)
Sunday – Happy Easter (Just a quick picture)
Monday – Weekend Recap (Lots of slides and swinging!)
Tuesday – Happy First Birthday Jude (I’m still in complete denial he’s a year!)
Wednesday – Currently… (What we did for Jude’s birthday)
Thursday – Easy Chocolate Croissant Recipe (Seriously, so easy! Go make them now!)

Easy Chocolate Croissants | Ellie And Addie

I’m making one of my favorite recipes ever tonight! Yes, you read that right, I’m making dinner! I plan on snapping a few photos and sharing the recipe next week, so you’ll just have to come back to see what it is!

I really, really, really, wanted to do a “day in the life” post to link up with Julia for next week. I attempted recording things this morning and got slightly overwhelmed. Which I find to be ridiculous because I don’t actually think I do enough that warrants a full day of documentation or a feeling of overwhelm. Maybe I’ll try again Monday? Wish me luck…

I’m working on a design for a new project and I’m sooo excited with how it is are turning out! And even better, the client loves it too! I’ll be sure to share the finished project in a few weeks!



We have a super busy weekend with bridal showers, bachelor parties, church, and the final prep for Jude’s birthday party next weekend! I’m going to try and get in a few neighborhood walks with the little man, here’s hoping for pretty weekend weather!

Happy Friday Friends, as always, I’m linking up with all the lovely ladies listed on my linkup page! And don’t forget to like Ellie And Addie on Facebook when you have a chance, I’d really appreciate it!

  • Sara McCarty

    You are a blogging rockstar these days! I’m so impressed. Don’t worry, the DITL posts are really hard! Even if you don’t do anything, there’s so much to document! Good luck! I can’t wait to read it.

    • Thank you lady! I hope vacation is fun! I’m going to attempt the DITL tomorrow, but don’t hold me to it! :)

  • Stephanie Chalk

    Happy Weekend! Can’t wait to see the recipe that you made last night! And that monogram project looks so fun! Xo, Stephanie

  • Girl, you have been busy blogging!! Good for you!

    My friend Lyndsey occasionally does a day in the life post. Twenty-four hours goes by quick!

    • Seriously, so busy! I’m very intimidated by a day post, but I’m going to attempt it tomorrow!