Weekend Fun – Easter 2015

Happy Monday Friends! BTR is off work today and tomorrow and we are soaking in all the family togetherness. As well as trying to get as much done as possible, you know how it goes!

We had such a great weekend. I shared Jude’s Easter basket on Saturday, you should definitely go check out the details, it turned out even better than I imagined!

On Saturday I also shared a photo of Jude sitting in our yard surrounded by pieces of his new swingset. We found a great deal on Craigslist, so BTR and his best friend went and disassembled it Saturday morning and then hauled it back to our house (so thankful for friends with trailers!). I honestly thought it was going to take Brandon a week to get it back together, and I think he felt the same way. But once he started tinkering with it, and with lots of help from one of our neighbors, they got it all put back together by that evening! I was seriously shocked. And I was just as excited to see that there were no leftover screws or bolts once they were finished! :)

I’m so excited to play on this all summer long!

We woke up bright and early Sunday morning for church and then went to breakfast. This might be my new favorite pictures. Jude was obviously unimpressed with his new swingset or his Easter basket.

Jude is unimpressed.

Jude is unimpressed.

He eventually warmed up once he realized Cheerios were in all the eggs. And of course Addie enjoyed a few plastic eggs as well.

We installed a baby swing, but he isn’t a huge fan of it yet. However, he LOVES the slide.

And here’s an adorable video with lots of baby giggles. Yes, I know I’m biased.

We grilled pork steaks for dinner and they were delicious (and huge!).

And then we gave Jude an early birthday gift, and he loved it! #daymade

Ok I’m off to try and bake a cake, because someone is turning ONE tomorrow. I seriously don’t know where the past year yet!

I hope you all had a Happy Easter celebrating with your loved ones!