Jude’s Easter Basket

Since Jude was only 2.5 weeks old last year on Easter, I didn’t really do anything for him. I was pretty overwhelmed with having a newborn and was just happy to be surviving the days. This year I got everything ready to put in his basket, and then realized I didn’t have an actual basket. #momfail

Luckily BTR and his woodworking skills came to my rescue when he showed me this adorable basket he saw on Ana White’s Instagram. He made it earlier this week and I finished the embellishments last night.

Jude's Easter Basket | Ellie And Addie

Jude’s Easter Basket

Obviously Jude won’t be toting this basket around the yard picking up eggs (it probably weighs as much as him), but I absolutely love the way it came out! BTR stained it with left over stain from the baby gate project. I cut his name in vinyl on my Cricut Explore and made a bunny tail with some yarn.

Front & Back of Jude's Easter Basket | Ellie And Addie

Front & Back of Jude’s Easter Basket

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Inside the basket I put Annie’s bunny graham snacks, The Bunny Rabbit Show book by Sandra Boynton, and his monogrammed Jellycat Bunny from Peek-A-Whoo. And then there are lots of plastic eggs filled with Cheerios! It’s a pretty minimal basket, but his birthday is two days after Easter and he is getting lots of fun stuff for that!

I think it will be so fun to keep this basket as a decoration for years to come and put Easter goodies in it every year for Jude! And I’m excited to be linking up with Darci for her Easter Basket Blog Hop!

And if you’re curious, here’s what BTR will be doing the rest of today.