Friday Favorites

Hey Friends! Can you believe it’s Friday? BTR is off work today and next Monday and Tuesday! Yay for Spring Break! Let’s get to it!

So I did again. Blog every day this week that is! :) That’s two weeks of posting everyday! I’m still shocked I was able to keep up. I try to write and schedule posts in advance, but it doesn’t always happen. I mentioned how impressed I was that Julia was going to post everyday in April, and I’m actually considering doing it myself as well! The only thing is I’m not sure if I will post on the weekends. I don’t normally, so if I do they will be very short posts. Here’s what happened this past week…

Monday – Weekend Recap
Tuesday – Citrus Lane – March 2015
Wednesday – Currently…
Thursday – No Bake Energy Bite Recipe

No Bake Energy Bites | Ellie And Addie

So I was pretty excited for two different things on social media this week, and it’s funny because they both involve Jude’s snack cups. I posted his Citrus Lane box recap on Facebook on Wednesday, and Ubbi shared my post and his picture on their Facebook page! Exciting moment for this new blogger.

I also shared a photo of Jude and Ellie on Instagram on Wednesday with his Munchkin snack bowl, and then they regrammed it to their Instagram account. Again, I was pretty excited. And I thought it was hilarious because they both had to do with his snack cups, which for the record, I love them both equally for different reasons. :)

Seriously though, they will not leave him alone when he has snacks!

Seriously though, they will not leave him alone when he has snacks!

One of Jude’s birthday presents arrived yesterday and it took all my will power not to just let him play with it then. Seriously, it was so hard! We bought a ball pit to put in our living room. I must be crazy. It’s more like a collapsable tent, not a blow up one, but it’s much bigger than I realized. Hopefully he likes it!

This weekend BTR is going to pick up our new playset for the backyard! I’m sure he will post a few pictures to his Instagram account if you want to follow along. He has do disassemble it, drive it to our house, and then put it back together. The goal is to have it done by Jude’s birthday on Tuesday!

I had everything ready to put into Jude’s Easter basket, but I then realized I didn’t have a basket #momfail. Well BTR found a cute idea online and decided to build him a wooden one! I’m super excited for how it looks so far and can’t wait to share it with you! Here’s where we found the plans for it.

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Happy Friday friends! I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend with lots of egg hunts and chocolate bunnies!