Enjoying – this amazing weather! We took a long walk yesterday afternoon when BTR got home from work and I’m hoping to do the same again today!

Just going ehh – over the limited time Birthday Cake Frappuccino at Starbucks. Fraps were 50% off Monday afternoon for gold members (if you aren’t a gold card member, what are you waiting for?!?) so I figured this was my chance to try it. And honestly I didn’t think it was that awesome. A little to sweet for me maybe? Don’t hate me, but I’d much rather have my mocha and carmel fraps!

Prepping – taxes and paper work like woah! We have an appointment with our accountant tonight and I have been working my a** off the past few days to get everything ready. Memory Miser is super easy because it’s all in QuickBooks, but the other businesses take some time to get together. I’ll be happy once tonight is over!

Impressed – with the new nursery at the Reds Stadium in Cincinnati for moms. Let’s hope the Cardinals decide to build one at Busch!

Can’t stop wearing – my new slippers from Target. I know it’s getting warmer out, but my feet are perpetually cold when I’m inside. These are super comfy and the price can’t be beat. I pinned these months ago and then saw they were now on clearance! There are still a few colors and sizes left, and with the red card you get free shipping! Mine look very pink in this picture because I was outside on the deck, in real life they are more purple.

Inspired – by Julia’s goal to blog everyday in April. Maybe I’ll play along? We’ll see!

Laughing – at Ellie around Jude. She normally tries to avoid him as much as possible. Well now that she realized he has food and he always drops it, they’ve become best friends. I’m sure the more he starts eating solids the worse it will get.

snack thief

snack thief

In complete denial – that Jude will be ONE next Tuesday. #holdme

Happy Wednesday friends!