Weekend Fun

Okay get ready for a BIG photo dump, because we did a lot this weekend!

Friday night the three of us headed over to STL to visit a couple of our favorite places. I’m calling it family date night, and it was tons of fun!

First we went to the Side Project Cellar to have a quick drink of some of our always favorite beers and try a few new ones. I snapped this photo of BTR and Jude and it might be my new favorite picture. Ever.

Then we headed to The Grove to get some snacks at Urban Chestnut. They seriously have such a great space. It’s super family friendly and they have great beers and food!

Happiest baby. Ever.

Happiest baby. Ever.

We headed home right in time for bedtime and then BTR and I started watching the HBO special The Jinx.

We all woke up bright and early on Saturday to get lots done. I headed to barre class and then came home to finish getting Jude’s birthday invitations ready to mail out. I’m seriously obsessed with how they turned out. I cannot wait to share them with you!

Can you guess the theme for opening day baby's first birthday?

Can you guess the theme for opening day baby’s first birthday?

We finished (and started some more) projects around the house and then we headed out for date night, without the baby this time! We had a gift card for Peel Pizza and Brewing Co. in O’Fallon, IL.

I remembered to take the picture before eating this time. BTR did not remember. :)

I ordered a “Frapple” which is cider with a splash of Framboise, it was seriously delicious! The appetizers were probably my favorite part of our meal to be honest. That white cup is a parmesan cream sauce and the dark cup was a balsamic reduction with roasted garlic.

We ordered the the Jerk Chicken pizza which had chicken, black beans, and mango and the Ricotta pizza which had mushrooms and sausage with ricotta cheese. They were both really tasty! We actually went to an early dinner and were home in time for Jude’s bottle and bed time.

We accidentally slept in on Sunday morning and skipped church. But when the baby sleeps till 8 am, you don’t wake him!

I ran out to Starbucks for a mocha and then came home and made cinnamon rolls (from a can!) for breakfast.

I really love using this Starbucks reusable cup!

I really love using this Starbucks reusable cup!

I was so surprised when the mailman came by and dropped off an Amazon package! I forgot that they deliver Priority Mail packages on Sunday now. We now have three of the Green Toys I ordered on sale and I can’t wait for the rest to arrive. I’m actually putting them all away open for Jude’s birthday.

BTR was working on a project in the garage so Jude and I went on an extra long walk around the neighborhood. It was so nice I ended up walking for over 40 minutes! Jude fell asleep and I listened to Jess Lively’s Podcast, The Lively Show.

Weekend naps for the win.

Weekend naps for the win.

When we got home BTR was almost finished with the main parts of his project, a baby gate for our stairs!

Before & After

Before & After

It turned out even better than I expected! I’ll share the full project with you soon, but you can see the finished product on BTR’s Instagram.

Sunday afternoon I ran to Victoria’s Secret in the mall (yay for underwear sales!) and the grocery store, while BTR and Jude ran to Home Depot for more lumber. We ended the evening on our deck grilling pork steaks (two weeks in a row!) and asparagus. Such a yummy meal!

It was a super busy weekend, but it was so much fun! I hope you all had a nice weekend! Happy Monday friends!