Currently happening in our house…

Prepping – the garden. We did lots of yard work over the weekend and then on Monday we got to work in our garden! We pulled up the old grids and poured in some fresh dirt. I built a new grid and we planted lots of seeds. I can’t wait for everything to start growing! And check out our garden hashtag on Instagram, #rotzgarden.

future weed puller

future weed puller

Driving – this pretty car. My mom has been on Spring Break this past week (she works at the local junior college) so she’s been able to watch Jude for me a few times this week. And since I didn’t have to drive around a baby in a carseat I decided to drive my old Mustang. I seriously love driving this car. It’s loud. And fast.

Designing – more pretty paper! I finally finished Jude’s birthday party invitations and got them sent to the printers! I can’t wait to share all the details for his party with you!

Drinking – all the coffee. I’m not sure if I should be proud or embarrassed about my Starbucks Rewards gold status.

Praying – for a friend. I recently found out a friend from college had her baby boy a few weeks early and they are dealing with lots of doctors and procedures that need to be done to make him healthy. Any extra prayers for them would be appreciated.

Eating – all the hash browns and chicken biscuits at CFA story time. I might have to start ordering Jude his own meal so he doesn’t eat all mine.