Citrus Lane – January 2015

I’m behind on Jude’s Citrus Lane boxes, here’s what we got in January!


I’ll See You In The Morning from Chronicle Books
So I said it last month, but this is the fourth month in a row we’ve received a book. I really love books, I do! I swear! However I will say Jude is starting to understand books more these days and enjoys turning the pages, so board books are a good thing in this house.

ergoFORK+SPOON from JJ Rabbit
This is an adorable fork and spoon set. We haven’t used it yet because we normally feed him with his Oogaa spoons, but when he starts to feed himself, these will be the perfect size!

Flip and Play Turtle from Skip Hop
I’m a BIG fan of all things Skip Hop and this little wooden turtle is awesome. It’s become a diaper bag/out of the house staple. When we are out and about I try to take toys that don’t make noise or squeak, and this is perfect to add to our rotation.

Socks from BabyLegs
These are some cute socks and they came at a perfect time because Jude was starting to outgrow some of the socks we already had, which means I did not have to go shopping for new ones.

Softening Body Lotion from Naif
This was a nice little extra for me and is currently in the “mama” section of our diaper bag!

I would say this was a great box this month! The value came out to be around $32 (not including the travel lotion) so I’m a happy camper!

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