A day at the St. Louis Zoo…

A few weeks ago Jude and I were invited to visit the St. Louis Zoo to check out the Monsanto Education Gallery inside The Living World building! To say we had fun would definitely be an understatement!

We visited the Wild Wonder Outpost Discovery Room first and there were lots of different activity areas for kids of all ages and it was so fun exploring! We spent a lot of our time in the Cubs and Pups Pad where there was lots of age appropriate toys for Jude. And they have a great system set up so you can put all the toys that your kid slobbers on into this frog on the wall for cleaning! Because let’s be honest, EVERYTHING goes in his mouth these days.

Look mama, I can stack!

Look mama, I can stack!

After some intense block stacking, we headed over to one of the classrooms where they had an owl out to visit!

*Please note me holding Jude’s arm. There was no way I was letting him touch it because I knew he would grab it with a chokehold and we would most likely be banned from the zoo forever.

The Zoo offers preschool programs during the school year. I don’t think we would take advantage because it would be quite the drive from IL, but it would probably be tons of fun!

We headed back to the Discovery Room  to check out some more fun areas. They have a huge water table which would probably be a blast, but luckily Jude was not tall enough and I was saved from taking home a wet baby.

Jude did however enjoy the tunnel, so much that we may be getting him a similar one for his birthday. I mean our living room is already covered in toys, what’s one more?

The best part of the day was meeting other STL Bloggers. I’ve talked about going to dinner with my friend Dacy, and it was so fun meeting her little one! And it was so nice meeting Jen and Hannah for the first time as well!

One thing I would love to do when Jude is older is one of the summer programs. They have all kinds of camps for every age. I think it would be tons of fun for kids. And maybe adults too. :)

The Discovery Room is open throughout the year for $3 a person ($2 if you’re a Zoo Member). I would check the website for the dates and times they are open if you’re planning a visit.

And obviously Jude had tons of fun, because this is what he looked like on the way home.

Thanks again to the St. Louis Zoo for hosting such a fun event!