I wrote this post ages ago and figured because today is Skimm Day I finally needed to press publish!

Do you read the newspaper or watch the news every morning? I usually watch the local news (if I’m up that early) and then watch the Today show with Jude while giving him his bottle and then I eat breakfast and have my morning coffee (reheated, multiple times).

While I enjoy watching the news, I can’t always watch the full 3-4 hour long Today show because of needing to do other things either around the house or even out of the house. My FAVORITE way to stay caught up on current events is TheSkimm. I honestly can’t remember when I started subscribing to TheSkimm, but I love getting it in my inbox every morning.

It was started by two girlfriends who met while interning at NBC. They’ve recently received more funding and are seriously on their way to big stuff.

I love that they provide just enough snark, but still tell me what I need to know. It takes all of 5 minutes to read, and I instantly feel smarter. And I also kicked some a** in the current events category at the last couple trivia night we attended.

So this is just my personal PSA to go sign up for TheSkimm. Seriously, sign up, NOW!

This is not a sponsored post, but that is my “referral link” to sign up. This is just a site I truly believe in and wanted to share with you!