Weekend Fun

We had such a fun weekend! The weather was gorgeous and we took full advantage of it!

You may have already seen this on my Instagram, but on Friday morning I texted one of my MOPS friends about how we were already having a tough day and it was only 10 am. Well she texted me back later to check outside, she had left me this adorable heart shaped cookie! I seriously have the best friends.

Thanks for the yummy cookie Whitney!

Friday night we met some family at a fish fry and then we stayed up way too late watching House of Cards.

Saturday I woke up and headed to volunteer at the Frozen Sing-A-Long. It was seriously so much fun. I can’t believe how excited the kids were to meet all of the characters, and seeing them sing and dance in their seats was the cutest thing ever. The local newspaper even wrote a great article about the event and our club, you can read it here.

Let it go, let it go!


We decided to go to church Saturday night so we could sleep in on Sunday. Jude slept in *slightly* longer than usual, but BTR let me sleep even later! We did a few things around the house and then headed to STL for lunch and some errands. We ate at a place called Raising Cane’s and it was really yummy! They literally only serve chicken fingers.

And Jude enjoyed some french fries and toast.

Stop taking my picture, mama!

Then we headed to Trader Joe’s to stock up on our favorites/necessities and Jude sat in the cart for the first time! I usually just take his whole car seat in, but I don’t think I’ll be able to carry it much longer because it’s getting so heavy.

Don’t forget the cookie butter!

And since we were passing by on our way home, we decided to stop in 4 Hands Brewery to buy our Lupulin Carnival tickets.

I had a chocolate milk stout and BTR had a Bona-Fide. They were both delicious! BTR posted a cute picture of Jude on his Instagram at 4 Hands, see it here.

records spinning at 4 Hands

records spinning at 4 Hands

Once we got home Jude took a nap and I finally got around to making dog treats out of the spent grains (blog post soon!) from BTR’s brew day last week.

It was so nice out when Jude woke up we took a stroll around the neighborhood with the pups. I hope it stays this nice and we can start taking more walks, I need to get my Fitbit steps in!

Luckily Jude went to sleep pretty good last night, despite the time change. Let’s hope today he isn’t too cranky and doesn’t wake up too early! I’m pretty excited to watch the Bachelor finale tonight, who do you think Chris will propose to? I’m rooting for Whitney!

Happy Monday friends!