Friday Favorites

Hey everyone! It has been a looong week, hence this being the first (and only!) post this week! I just updated my favorite blogs page as well as added a link up page!

We got a TON of snow last weekend, but that did not stop BTR from having a brew day on Sunday! I stayed home with Jude and snuggled on the couch with him and Ellie, while BTR braved the cold with his friend for the sake of beer.

I got an email from my yoga studio saying my classes would be expiring at the end of the month. You have six months from purchase to use them, and I haven’t been in FOREVER. So I went to a barre class last Saturday morning and this Tuesday evening. And I am hurting. EVERYWHERE. I have 7 more classes to use by the end of the month!

Monday I got to go to dinner with two of my favorite STL bloggers (Sara and Dacy). While I didn’t get a picture of us, I did snap one of my pizza. We met at Basso and shared some yummy appetizers and had lots of great conversation!

Because it’s been so so so cold, we’ve had lots of mommy and Jude time! And we like to snap selfies to send to BTR during the day.

I posted on Instagram about these chocolate croissants I made and I couldn’t believe all the comments! Recipe (not that you actually need one) coming to the blog soon!

Yesterday we had our usual Thursday routine of Chick-Fil-A storytime, but first we went to Sam’s to pick up a few things. I couldn’t believe how empty the store was that early in the morning. I will only be shopping at that time from now on!

And then we enjoyed chicken biscuits and hash browns with our friends from MOPS as well as a little play time.

yes, we wore pajamas to storytime

yes, we wore pajamas to storytime

We don’t have any plans for today and are hoping for a relaxing weekend! On Saturday I will be volunteering at the Frozen Sing-A-Long that Junior Service is hosting and I’m so excited! Happy weekend friends!

  • It’s too cold to brew! Luckily there hasn’t been much going on in our area for a few weeks now. It’s so stinky! I need to see if our CFA has story time – that’s a great place to check out! We’ve been going to the library through our MOMs Club and it’s so fun! Happy Friday!

    • It was way too cold! They had the garage open and three burners going, they are crazy! Yeah we have two CFA’s over here and they both have story time, but only one gives free breakfast, so obviously you know which one we go to! :)