Reading (and laughing so hard)- Sara’s post about lies parents tell their kids. Best. Post. Ever.

Watching – 73 questions with Seth Meyer. Have you ever watched these videos before? They’re great!

Feeling – so cold! And we might get more snow tomorrow! Maybe another snow day for BTR?

Waiting – for the UPS man, diapers and wipes arrive today from Amazon. Which also means I get to put in all my Pampers points when they get here! I know I’m a HUGE dork. :)

Thankful – for the USPS mailman who picks up all our outgoing packages every single day, meaning I don’t have to drive to the post office. Seriously, he’s the best.

Drinking – lots of coffee. Black. When we got back from SF I didn’t have much creamer left and decided to go cold turkey once it was empty. And you know what, I actually enjoy black coffee! I just forget because I usually always have creamer available. Cheers to *trying* to be healthier!

Wondering – why is it that some days I’m like “must get ALL the things done. NOW!” And then other days we are still in our pjs and it’s lunchtime. And lunchtime looks like this.

We all have days like this, right? #badaddie

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Moving – as much as possible. I have a FitBit and I don’t think I’m fully taking advantage of knowing how much I move (or don’t move) during the day. I’m in a challenge with about 10 other bloggers this week and holy cow, some of those ladies move! Which has inspired me to start moving more! If you want to be FitBit friends shoot me a message with your email and I’ll add you!

Happy Wednesday friends!