Happy 30th Birthday BTR!

Happy Birthday BTR!

We are celebrating in San Francisco and I’m so excited for our trip! I do have a few past birthday photos of us to share with you all!

I used to make a cake every year for Brandon’s birthday, I eventually stopped when I realized he doesn’t really like sweets! :) Here is the Jeep cake I made for his 18th birthday.


And here is the Fort Brandon cake I made when he turned 20.

Fort Brandon

Fort Brandon

Backstory: In college BTR lived in an apartment with 3 other guys in his fraternity. The living space in the apartment was huge but the bedrooms were small. So Brandon and his uncle built this fort with a built in dresser and desk for his room that he shared with one other guy. Danny’s bed looked so small next to this giant fort. The ceilings in the apartment were like 20 feet high and I think the bed was actually 6 feet tall so BTR could stand under it. And then you had to climb up this ladder to get to the bed. It was hilarious. So I made a birthday cake that looked like his fort. And yes the fort was painted blue.

And finally, a beer bottle cake for his 21st birthday!

I couldn’t find pictures of the guitar cake from his 19th birthday!

Today we are headed to Russian River to try all their amazing beers, and especially Pliny the Younger which only comes out once a year at their brewery.

BTR has been doing a 30 beers till 30 on Instagram, and today is his 30th beer!



I’ll be back next week and can’t wait to share the details of our trip with you!