Citrus Lane – December 2014

I talked about our November Citrus Lane box last week and here is our December box!

Scrappy Dog from Under the Nile
Jude LOVES this stuffed puppy dog! It is our go-to-toy when we are out and about now because of how small and easy it is to transport.  We actually got to pick the design of it as the customize portion of this box so I knew we were getting it. It might be my favorite thing we’ve gotten in a CL box yet!

Little Hoot Book from Chronicle Books
And yet another month and another book. We really love books, honestly we do. But we have a ton and I guess I would rather get some toys? Does that make me a bad person saying that out loud? #dontjudge

Happy Friends from Hape
This is a super cute little rattle toy and Jude loves rolling it across our kitchen floor. I love it because it is made of wood and not another plastic toy. As a side note, we had a problem with a different toy from Hape and I reached out to their customer service and they quickly fixed the broken piece. So I would definitely recommend this toy company to anyone!

Super Blends Pouches from Love Child Organics
Jude really enjoyed both of these pouches the other week. I don’t have much of an opinion on different brands of food pouches (that could change in the future), but I would buy these if I saw them in the store.

Overall we really enjoyed this box! When I added up the value of the subscription box it was around $35. So like I’ve said before, because of what I paid for my subscription, I’m happy!

Don’t forget you can sign up and get 50% off your first box using my referral code (and I’ll get a shop credit if you do, so thanks in advance)!

Side note: I hesitated with sharing this story, but I’ve decided to be completely honest. After our Janury box came our subscription was coming to an end. I went to cancel my subscription so I wouldn’t be charged and was then given an “offer” for a better deal for a three month subscription. I accepted it and was totally excited to continue our monthly boxes! Through some miscommunication on Citrus Lane’s customer service side, they then told me my subscription was cancelled and they wouldn’t honor the deal they had given me. I’m not going to lie, I was pretty angry and upset since the problem was on their end (and I had the emails to prove it). I had to email back and forth about 10 times and tried calling twice (left messages with no call back). It wasn’t until asking for a manger’s manger and also contacting (who actually owns Citrus Lane) that they decided to give me what they originally offered. They tried to blame it on a computer glitch that they couldn’t control, but to me it came across as being lazy. I am impressed with how quickly answered my questions and got the situation fixed, but I was less than impressed with the service of actual Citrus Lane. I really enjoy getting these boxes and always think the products we get are fun and not something I would have normally bought. I am excited to get three more months of boxes, but we’ll see if we continue after that though.

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