Citrus Lane – November 2014

Wow am I behind on these updates! Our November Citrus Lane box was so much fun! Here’s what we got!

Rainbow Roller from Plan Toys
I was a little underwhelmed when I originally saw this in our box. But Jude has been playing with it regularly (and loves it as show by this picture) so I would say it was a good choice for his age group!

Opposites Board Book from Barefoot Books
Jude is starting to get more interested in books and turning the pages. I love this book with the simple illustrations and single words on the pages. Plus board books don’t tear so that’s always a plus!

Super Bib 2 Pack from Bumkins
We got to choose the pattern for these bibs so I choose alligators and turtles to match the snack bags I got a few months ago. I’m obsessed with these bibs to say the least! We use them every. single. night. They are super light weight and rinse clean in the sink. They close with Velcro and have a pocket to catch crumbs.

Hello Morning Oatmeal from Plum Organics
Like always, I new to remember this is just a free sample, and not an actual product in our box. We haven’t tried it yet, but hope to soon!

We also received a 25% off coupon for Tiny Prints. I really hope they aren’t considering this an “item” in our box because everyone and their cousin is offering those codes and it’s an affiliate link, meaning they are most likely making money off orders. It really doesn’t matter to me since I design our own cards, and I can’t blame them for trying to make a buck. But don’t give me that coupon and say I paid for it with my subscription. #stepsoffsoapbox

Add To Box: Spoons & Bowl Set from Oogaa
I had a 25% off coupon and was able to use it on this dining set. Combined with free shipping, I was sold. I’d been eyeing it for a while, and I’m in love with it! The bowl is very generous in size and the truck and airplane spoon are the cutest!!

Add To Box: Links from Boon
I received a mystery code that ended up being for $15 so I got these bath toys for absolutely free! I used them as a stocking stuffer for Jude and he loves chewing on them in the tub!

Overall this box was really good! I think because of the deals I got with my add ons I’m even happier with what I got. When I added up the value of the subscription box (minus the oatmeal sample) it was around $32. So like I said before, because of what I paid for my subscription, I’m happy!

Don’t forget you can sign up and get 50% off your first box using my referral code (and I’ll get a shop credit if you do, so thanks in advance)!

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