Currently happening in our house…

Coffee – I love our Keurig and thank goodness for quick and easy coffee.

Computer – My new 27 inch iMac will be here Wednesday and I cannot wait to get it set up! It’s been over a month since I’ve worked on my own computer and I miss it!

Plants – Jude is obsessed with the dirt in this plant and I’ve got to figure out how to stop him. Any suggestions?

little monster

little monster

Frozen – My Junior Service Club is hosting a Frozen Sing-A-Long event in March and I’m so excited for it! If you are local and have a little one you should definitely attend! Get your tickets here.

Prepping – BTR and I are headed to San Francisco in two weeks for his 30th birthday! I can’t wait for a vacation but I’m also freaking out. I hate packing because I’m always afraid I’ll forget something. And this is the first time we are leaving Jude for more than a four hour span. I know he’ll be fine, but I’m going to miss him!

Scheduling – I feel like we are overbooked, but I actually prefer being busy. I feel like when we have things planned I get more done. I love making lists and right now is no exception, lists on top of lists! I love crossing things off, even if it’s just folding laundry or emptying the dishwasher. Or reconciling bank accounts in QuickBooks.

Happy Monday friends!