Friday Favorites

Yay for Friday!! And as always I’m linking up with all my favorites! There’s Darci, April, Natasha, and Christina with Five on Friday!

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So Jude’s birthday is April 7 and we have been trying *really* hard to take his monthly pictures that day. But hey, better late than never, right?

He loves standing on his own!

It has been a loooooong week. BTR was sick last weekend and then I caught it and I think Jude had a mini version of it. BTR and Jude are all better and I’m still in recovery mode. I knew Jude didn’t feel well because on Wednesday all he wanted to do was lay on top of me. And he was wide awake. It was adorable and I soaked up every second.

We’ve been working super hard and Jude and Addie have been oh so helpful when shipping packages.

And BTR got a new pump for homebrewing and Ellie wanted to help him put it together.

BTR turns THIRTY next month and has been doing a fun countdown on his Instagram of #30beerstill30. He was snapping a photo this week and Addie and Jude both photobombed it.

#badaddie and #babyrotz

#badaddie and #babyrotz

I read a lot of blogs. I subscribe to them through Feedly so I don’t miss any posts. And I’m usually behind on reading most of them. One of my new favorite blogs is the MOPS blog and there are two posts that I particularly liked reading and wanted to share with you! They are titled “On Making Mom Friends” and “Choosing Friendship.” I really need/want to work on my relationships with girlfriends and I thought both of these were great. So read them when you get a chance!

Right before Jude was born I saw everyone posting about getting monogrammed Jellycat bunnies from a company called Peekawhoo. I was really sad I hadn’t heard of them before and that I missed the deadline to order a bunny for Easter. Well for Jude’s six month birthday I decided to get him a monogrammed Jellycat puppy and it is pretty much my favorite thing ever. I’ve had it in his crib ever since we got it but he only recently has acted interested in playing with it. Peekwhoo put out a call for brand ambassadors this week and I definitely applied! And hopefully writing this post won’t hurt our chances. :) Regardless I have it on my list to order a bunny for him for Easter this year!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have fun plans for the weekend! I’m so excited to watch all the commercials football on Sunday!