And course after all of this the dishwasher would stop working. Yup…

However, if I turn on my bright headlights and then turn them off and then repeat two or three times my headlight will work normally. So there’s that!

I’m planning on ordering a new computer this week! And I finally decided on a big ole’ iMac. The 27 inch of course. BTR thinks I’m crazy, I say he is.

Excuse me, I have to go get Jude, he’s trying to eat the dog bone again (because all of his toys are no fun at all) and I don’t want the dishwasher repairman to think I’m a bad mom. #reallife over here people!

  • Sara McCarty

    Boo! Not the best beginning to a year for you, electronic/appliance-wise. Stop breaking everything!!

    • Seriously, it must be me! But my dishwasher has been fixed and it didn’t cost too much thank goodness!

  • Betsy @ Happily Ever After Etc

    You poor thing! I hate when life gives us weeks (months! yikes!) like that! It will get better soon… just keep trucking!

    • Seriously! I always think things come in threes, so maybe I’m done for a while!

  • Jessica L.

    Ooo… I really want an iMac! a 27″ sounds amazing!