When it rains, it pours…

Happy 2015 lovely blog readers!

I know it’s been quiet over here for a bit, and I’m sure all three of you that regularly read my blog are very worried about where I’ve been! ;) (please note the sarcasm)

A few days before Christmas my big iMac wasn’t working very well and I was having problems running my design programs. Which was wonderful because I was finally ready to design our Christmas cards (again, more sarcasm). I was able to use my computer for other things like blog writing and photo editing, just no designing. Luckily I was able to borrow my mom’s laptop and load my design programs and get our cards designed and to the printer in time to mail before actual Christmas. Yay!

In attempting to fix my computer and get Illustrator working, it eventually shut down completely and wouldn’t even turn on. Cue multiple panic attacks. I’m a religious backup/Time Machine person, but the feeling of your computer not even turning on is awful. Especially when it’s in regular use to run multiple businesses.

And BTR’s laptop was dead because the power adapter broke (it always breaks so we buy cheap ones on eBay). We broke down and bought an actual Apple power cord (why are they so expensive?!?!) because we needed to have at least one working computer.

I figured we could take my iMac to the Genius Bar and they would work some magic and we’d be good to go. Why did I ever think that? The Genius Bar couldn’t get it to run any diagnostic testing because it’s so old (they kept referring to it as “vintage”) so they couldn’t even tell me if it was a software or a hardware problem. He offered to erase everything and I could just go from there. I figured why not because I have my back up and then I could just slowly load what I needed. Well then he couldn’t even get that to work. So we brought home a dead computer with no answers.

I love Apple, the products, the people, pretty much everything. I actually own Apple stock, and have for a very long time. It’s a company and culture I totally buy into and believe in. But I have to wonder if when someone comes in with a problem on an old computer like mine if they just write it off so I have to buy a new computer. I’m not saying that’s true, I’m just curious what the “policy” is and what they are told to say to me…

So it looks like I’ll be getting a new computer very soon! I’m thinking a laptop this time around so I’m able to work from different rooms, or heaven forbid, leave the kid at home and get stuff done. I kid, I kid. But really…

Oh and my headlight in my car is out. Not that it’s the end of the world, but we just paid to have to socket replaced. And I think my back blinker is off. At least I can assume that’s why there’s a ding every time I turn on the blinker. ;)

But we did have a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s Eve! So as you can see, I might not be blogging regularly until I can get the computer situation fixed. I just typed this all on my iPhone with one hand and a napping baby on the other arm. Because Jude no longer wants to nap in his crib. :/ Please send good thoughts. And wine. Lots of wine…

  • Danielle (inbackyards)

    My laptop is going to die any day now… I’m a Mac person, but my first MacBook went through three hard drives in four years, and my current one has been making weird noises for months now (and it’s only three years old). I’ve been thinking I might switch to a pc next time around.

    • Ugh, dead computers are the worst! I actually have a PC that I use strictly for business because it runs my QuickBooks, but I dread using it because I’m so used to using my Macs! My first iMac lasted me about 6 years and my current one is from 2008. BTR’s MacBook is from 2007 and still working, minus the dead battery so it always has to be plugged in. I’m way to cheap to buy a battery ;) I’m checking out his educational discount and the refurbished ones as well though right now!

  • Sara McCarty

    Bummer! :( I am absolutely no help and know nothing about computers. Hoping you get a new one soon!

    • Unfortunately I’m a HUGE NERD and am so picky about my technology. When we moved into our house our friends were helping us unpack and were trying to ask BTR where the speakers went and he said ask me, and then they asked me where the pots and pans went and I said ask BTR. We’re an odd couple :)

  • Lovng the sarcasm in this post!!

    I still have an iMac desktop that won’t start-up. After taking it to the Apple Store, I was told it was vintage and that they didn’t have the parts to service it. It was 6 years old at the time, and maybe vintage was a good description since technology becomes obsolete so quickly these days, but I was furious that they didn’t have a solution for me.

    Two years later, and I still don’t have my pictures…

    But I’m still a Apple Lover, somehow.

    • I think it’s hilarious that they refer to them as “vintage”! Such a bummer you lost your pictures! I had an incident many years ago and lost a lot of data so now I religiously back everything up because I’m so paranoid!

  • Oh, friend! Computer problems are the worst! I deleted my entire photo library back in August and had a severe panic attack, because at the time, I was NOT a religious backer-upper. Now I am, thankfully. Sending lots of good thoughts your way!

    • Oh no! Hopefully you got your data back! Hopefully I can get a new one ordered this week, that is once I decide what I really want!

      • Nope. It was gone into oblivion. That happened back in August, so I’ve mourned. Lol. I did have things saved on Facebook, Shutterfly, and my blog, so not ALL was lost. Thank God! And yes, it’s hard deciding what you want when it comes to technology. My husband is now anti-Mac, so we’ll see what we get next once this system goes kaput. ;)