Life Lately…

Hi! It’s been another crazy week around here! Like non-stop work and parties and such! It’s lots of fun, but I’m ready for some extra sleep! Here’s what we’ve been up to…

This is what we’ve been doing most of the days. Please ignore all of the toys all over my living room, this is real life. :)

non-stop playing. and standing, and crawling.

I signed up for Ebates at the recommendation of my friend Dacy (also make sure you check out her awesome blog), and now I’m addicted! Whenever I’m about to make an online purchase I now check to see if it’s in Ebates and what I can get back. I made my first purchase through them and they sent me this gift card from Target! If you decide to sign up, please use my link and then we’ll both get credit! :)

This week I was designing our Christmas cards (nothing like waiting till the last minute) and I thought maybe we could put some pictures of the pups on the backside of our card. I attempted to get some shots of them in front of the tree, but it was a no go. So they can go on the blog instead of the card this year.

So the most exciting thing that happened this past week was regarding BTR’s etsy shop. We got a message a few weeks ago from an etsy admin and it finally went live the other day. He was featured on a Teen Vogue Gift Guide and we are so excited!!

Okay I have to get back to shipping orders for BTR and playing with Jude. I’ll be back tomorrow with our Christmas cards. No they haven’t come back from the printers yet, but hey no big deal right? :)