Friday Favorites

This week has been SO BUSY. I’m so excited it’s Friday, but we have just as busy of a weekend planned!

And since it’s Friday I’m linking up with all my favorites! There’s Darci, April, Natasha, and Christina with Five on Friday!

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I’m going to try and run to the mall today or tomorrow and hit up Victoria’s Secret to get some holiday pajamas. They have really cute flannel tops and pant sets on their site and I’m hoping they are carried in our local store. And I get to use this gift card I got from Influenster! A few weeks ago I got the #VSSportsBra VoxBox and I was one of the “top influencers” so I won a $50 gift card!



Saturday we were supposed to have a play date in the morning, but it was postponed due to the sniffles. But in the afternoon we are heading to a friends house for pictures with Santa! I’m so excited and hope one of them will turn out perfect for our Christmas cards. Of course that means I also need to design our cards and get them printed!

Sunday is Junior Service Club of St. Clair County’s Holly Day luncheon! I’m so excited, it’s our biggest event of the year and it’s always so much fun! I’ve already baked and packaged my fudge for the bakery booth and I can’t wait to browse the Holly Shop!

Sunday night we are headed over to STL for the Garth Brooks concert!! I’m so excited and cannot wait. This is one of my bucket list items!

Jude does not like to nap anymore. I used to get a good 2 (sometimes 3!!) hour nap but now he only sleeps around 20 to 45 minutes. And I’m lucky if he’ll do that twice. Also he’s been waking up anywhere between 4-6 am. He was whining this morning and I picked him up and turned the camera on and towards me to take a crying selfie to send BTR. Well as soon as he saw the screen he hammed it up and started smiling. What a stinker!

As busy as it’s been, we haven’t had a chance to decorate our tree! It’s been up since Wednesday, but has no lights or ornaments. Tonight we are ordering pizza, watching Christmas movies, and finally decorating the tree and the rest of the house! The outside lights have been up for a week luckily!

I hope you had a great weekend and have a fun weekend planned!