Friday Favorites

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After last week, this week was so nice to just be home and not worry about anything. Jude is doing great and has completely recovered. We did a lot of relaxing and playing this week, which was completely welcome after the stress of last week.

I feel like Jude just started crawling, so when he started to pull up and and STAND this week, I almost had a heart attack. Where did my baby go? I am not ready for this at all.

stop standing little man!

stop standing little man!

I had a birthday treat from my Starbucks rewards and finally got to use it this week! And I was pretty excited to get my first red cup of the season!

venti-non-fat-no-whip-mocha for the win

My friend Sara posted about how they got rid of their coffee table and now have a train table in its place. Well I have a feeling we aren’t too far away from the same thing. When Jude started crawling he kept running into our coffee table and banging his head so we finally packed it up and moved it to the basement this week. So now we have this HUGE open space in our family room for him to play.

please ignore that he only wants to play with the dog toy :|

Of course now with all the room all I can think of is this scene from the movie Step Brothers.

I don’t really have anything else fun for you. We plan on working most of Saturday (yay self-employment) and then going to church Sunday morning. We do have plans to go to the Rams game with our besties Sean and Cassie Sunday afternoon!

How was your week? Hope you have a fun weekend planned!