What’s On…Your Bucket List

Today I’m linking up with Andrea at Momfessionals for the What’s On Your Bucket List party!

So I actually always carry my bucket list with me, technically that is. :) I use an app called Wunderlist to keep everything I need to remember in order, and one of my lists is my actual bucket list!

There are some screen shots of my actual lists in the app. Please ignore the house project list that has 53 items on it, it’s never ending!

Anyway, there are actually two parts to my bucket list, the actual list, and the the restaurant list. I keep a running list of all the places I want to eat (local restaurants and across the country). I know I probably won’t get to eat at many of them, but I still put them on there! I’ll share that list someday on the blog.

Here’s what’s on my actual bucket list. Some of these things I can actually make happen, others are just sort of random and I don’t have much control over as you’ll see…

  • Build our dream house…
  • Have a pool at said dream house
  • Eat at a Top Chef Challenge – restaurant wars would be ideal :)
  • See a no hitter – preferably by a Cardinals pitcher, but I’ll take what I can get
  • Go to a Super Bowl – again I’d love to see the Rams there, but let’s be realistic
  • Have an actual woodworking shop at the dream house – then I might be able to park in our garage again!
  • Attend a Jimmy Buffet Concert
  • See a football game at Soldier Field – we never did this when we lived in Chicago
  • Steal Playoff bunting from Busch Stadium – if this ever happens I will most likely delete this blog post so there’s no evidence :)
  • Go to a Garth Brooks Concert – I get to mark this one off in December!!

There are actually three things on my bucket list that have already been checked off! They are:

  • Buy a house – 6/2010
  • Get married – 7/17/2010
  • Have a baby – 4/7/2014

I’m always revisiting this list and thinking of new things I want to add to it. It’s a somewhat shared list between me and BTR, but I’m sure he has other things on his list that I wouldn’t have on mine.

Thanks to Andrea for hosting this link-up, I loved sharing what was on my list! What do you have on your bucket list?