Friday Favorites

Hey everyone! I love both of these Friday link-ups, so I’m doing both! Here’s Darci, April, Natasha, and Christina with Five on Friday! And then there is A Little Bit of EverythingGrace And Love, and Momfessionals for Friday Favorites!

Jude is crawling all over the place. And he is literally getting into everything. We got a gate across the stairs but need to put covers on all the outlets!

Sometimes I look over and he is just on his back throwing his arms around and talking. It’s pretty much adorable.

He always goes straight for the cords! It’s like he knows he shouldn’t.

He has also started eating food while sitting in his high chair. Doesn’t he look like such a peanut sitting in there? I’m not thrilled with our high chair choice. The tray is a pain to put on and take off and I can already tell I’m not going to love having to wash the cover on it when it gets messy (which I assume will be quite often). Do any of you love your high chair? Which one is it?

We had a MOPS play date at a local gymnastics studio this week. They have an open gym three times a week in the morning and anyone can go. It’s only $5, but if the kid is under 18 months it is free! The kids can run around and play on all of the equipment (all supervised by the parents), so Jude crawled around while I chatted with some other moms. I have a feeling we will be doing this a lot during the colder months!

Jude and his friend at the playdate!

Jude and his friend at the play date!

We send lots of pictures like this to BTR during the day to tell him how much we miss him.

selfies for BTR

selfies for BTR

I was joking with BTR that he never likes my pictures on Instagram, and as my husband he has an obligation to like them no matter what. So when I opened up my app and saw this I almost died laughing. He went through and un-liked and then re-liked about 25 photos just so I would get the notifications when I logged back in. Fine you win BTR. :) Also how does he have more followers than me?

I went to dinner with some lovely ladies this week at PF Changs. I asked BTR if he wanted me to bring him any food home and he said no, but I should bring him one of the horse statues from out front home. So he got this photo instead.

It was dinner with some amazing STL bloggers (LizDacy, and Jessica) and it was so much fun catching up. Not everyone could make it this time (Sara, Meg, Alyssa, and Linz) and we missed them! Liz is moving in a few weeks and we will definitely miss her, but I’m so excited for her new adventure!

I didn’t do a lot of decorating for Halloween. But I did cut this little spider web out of Window Cling on my Cricut Explore. I think it turned out awesome and am excited to cut snowflakes for the windows and mirrors in our hallway for winter decorations.

I plan on linking up with pictures of Jude’s Halloween costume later this weekend! I’m so excited to dress him up (he could care less). I hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween with lots of candy!