Citrus Lane – September 2014

I know what you’re thinking, it’s Tuesday and she has two posts up this week? I know I’m amazed also. :)

Considering it’s already October and we’ve received that box, I should probably tell you about our September Citrus Lane box!!

Bodysuit from Tea Collection
We received this great long sleeve onsie from Tea Collection and I have to say, it’s pretty awesome and I love it. Jude definitely needed some long sleeve outfits, so I was excited to see this, and I loved the pattern and light blue edging. It is super thick and holds its shape wonderfully, unlike most onsies and baby clothes. Now that the weather has cooled, Jude has worn this a couple of times already, seen here most recently.

Fleet Stacking Boats from Boon
I was pretty excited about these boats! I think bath toys are so much fun. Jude doesn’t really play in the bath yet, but I think he will love these once he’s a bit older!

Radish Dish Soap from Mrs. Meyers
Sometimes when I open the box and see these little items I get disappointed. I need to remind myself that these little things are more like “extras” and not the actual box contents. This is a great little soap to take when traveling! I haven’t used it yet, but I’m sure I will soon!

Happy Baby Pouch from Happy Family
I wasn’t very interested in this because Jude hasn’t really started solids yet. I’m sure in a few months this would be great, but it was still a little too early for him when we received this box. I shared it with a friend though and they liked it!

Snack Bags from Bumkins
I’ve been keeping my eye out for reusable snack bags I was able to snag these as an add to box with a promo code and I only paid $1 for them! I picked the blue and green alligator and turtle prints and can’t wait to use them when we are on the go.

Overall I think this was another great box! It’s so much fun not knowing what you are getting and then being surprised with all the fun goodies! I was able to snag a Living Social Deal for three more months at a great price, so we are locked in until March! Hopefully we continue to get fun things! If you are interested in getting Citrus Lane, I have an affiliate link where you can get 50% of your first box! (I will get a credit if you use that link, so thanks in advance!)