Life Lately…

Wow it’s been pretty quiet around here hasn’t it? And every week I say ohh I have all these great topics I want to talk about. And every week, life gets the best of me. But that’s okay, I didn’t start this blog to be stressed about posts, I want it to be a fun place for me to write and relax and share what’s going on in my life.

We had MOPS on Tuesday this week and the little guy passed out hard in my arms during the speaker presentation. It was so adorable, until my arm also fell asleep. ;)

We had an appointment in STL earlier this week so we did a Trader Joe’s run and I found these Cookie Butter Cups with dark chocolate. I only just started eating actual cookie butter when I tried it for the first time this summer. I’m a huge fan of Reese’s cups, and these do not disappoint so I would RUN to your local TJ’s and get these before they run out.

Yesterday Jude would not nap. He only wanted to sleep in my arms and every time I laid him in his crib he would start screaming and we would have to rock all over again. So after about the third rinse and repeat of rocking/sleeping/crib/screaming we gave up and headed back out to the living room. Jude hasn’t shown much interest in the TV, but I turned on Netflix on the iPad and turned on Sesame Street just to see what he would do. He stared at Elmo for about 10 minutes and then he was done. I’ll take it! I’m not sure if he’s still just too young to understand screens (which is fine by me) but it was a nice relaxing ten minutes.

Thankfully he’s back to napping today, which is why you get a post! OH and JUDE IS CRAWLING. When did my baby get so big? I seriously cannot handle this. I also can’t handle that I can’t just lay him down and him still being there if I walk away for a second. I guess we will be babyproofing the house this weekend!